Lockerly Newsletter March 2018 
Growing up in South Georgia, means growing up with camellias.  I don't think there is a yard in my hometown that doesn't have at least five.  I've always loved them.  I love the varieties, the dark green shiny leaves and that pop of color in an otherwise dreary winter landscape.
In fact, as a child, if you told me to picture a rose, I would picture a camellia.  I must admit to being disappointed when I learned what a rose actually looks like.  To me, the roses were boring and all looked the same.  But Camellias . . . Camellias came in so many different sizes, colors and shapes!  I never tire of looking at them, photographing them and marveling at their hardy and beautiful presence.

Camellias are as much a part of Georgia as our signature red clay and at Lockerly, we are very proud to be part of Georgia's Camellia Trail.  If you have not yet explored it, I recommend downloading this map on a sunny day and taking a drive on some portion of the Trail.  You won't be disappointed!
As you'll see in this newsletter, Camellias feature prominently at Lockerly these days and we look forward to keeping you updated on this important part of our collections.

Warm Regards,
Jennifer N. Pollard, Executive Director 

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2018 Calendar of Events 
Mark your calendars for these exciting programs!!!
March 20What's Up in Space? Space exploration at Worley Outdoor Education Center with Beate Czogalla.  Sign up today:  
April 20: Plant Sale 9am - 6pm (members only from 9am-noon)
April 21:  Plant Sale 9am - 12pm 
April 28:  Celebrate National Arbor Day at Lockerly with Japanese Maple expert David Freed.  Space is limited!  Register today:   
May 19:  Kid's Fishing Event.  FREE!! 
August 18:  Introduction to BeeKeeping with Roger Kicklighter
September 8:  Lockerly Under the Stars
September 22:  Nocturnal Animals and Night Hike at Lockerly 
October 13: Family Fun Day
December 6:  Holiday Reception 
Plant Sale
The 2018 Plant Sale will be here before you know it!  Here is a preliminary list of plants that will be available:  Preliminary Plant List

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April 20, 9am - 6pm
April 21, 9am-12pm

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Camp Oliver Worley (full day): 
Rising 6th - 9th graders, June 11-15
Rising 3rd - 5th graders, June 25-29
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Camp Discovery (1/2 Day): 
Rising 1st and 2nd graders, July 9-13 
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 What's Up in Space?? 

Join us at the Worley Outdoor Education Center on the Spring Equinox, Tuesday, March 20 for "What's Up in Space?", with Solar System Ambassador Beate Czogalla.  This family friendly event will take place at our Worley Outdoor Education Center, located at 235 Park Road, Eatonton, GA 31024.  The price is $5 per person and will begin at 7pm at the education center on the front of the property.  We'll begin with an introductory presentation by Beate followed by time outside exploring the night sky and hopefully catching sight of the International Space Station!
Beate Czogalla is the Professor of Theatre Design in the Department of Theatre and Dance at
Georgia College & State University.  She has had a lifelong interest in space exploration and has been a volunteer in NASA's Education Outreach Programs for many years. In combining her job and her interest in space topics Ms Czogalla has found an ideal balance between the arts and the sciences. She has an MFA in Lighting Design and Scenography; she is multilingual and has designed internationally both in Europe and North America. She is also a Master Scuba Diver and a kite builder.
Space is limited, so register today!   
Celebrate National Arbor Day at Lockerly

Celebrate National Arbor Day at Lockerly with Japanese Maple expert David Freed. 
This fun and educational session will be from 10am - 12pm on Saturday, April 28, 2018.  The cost is $10 for members and $20 for non-members.  The event includes an educational session and a pruning demonstration by Mr. Freed on a lovely Crimson Queen on Lockerly's grounds.

David Freed started grafting Japanese maples in his backyard in 2000. Garden Design Nursery in Madison County grew from that beginning, and provides one of the largest collections of Japanese maples for sale in Georgia . David and his manager, Margarito, are known for their artful and aesthetic pruning of Japanese maples. The basic techniques presented will be a common sense approach to highlighting the natural beauty of Japanese maples, and maintaining their health.

Space is limited, so click HERE to register today! 
Camellia Cuttings from Gerbing Gardens
For 11 years prior to moving to Milledgeville, Melvin and Lisa Usery lived on Amelia Island in Florida.  Among the pleasures of beach living, they also learned about the rich history of Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach. They learned that one of the early 20th century attractions on Amelia Island was Gerbing Gardens.  In 1937 Gustav George "Gus" Gerbing transformed about seven acres of family property along the Amelia River into a public garden, Gerbing's Azalea Gardens, with plans for massive plantings of azaleas and camellias for viewing and for sale.  Advertisements for the garden claimed plantings of 100,000 azaleas, an 800-foot long camellia japonica 'Sarah Frost' windbreak, a natural terraced amphitheater of camellias and trees, rose gardens, and more!

The garden remained open to the public for about twenty years but was not commercially successful.  The gardens then fell into disrepair and became overgrown.

In recent years the Edwards family, formerly of the Atlanta area, began a project to revitalize some of the gardens as commons areas for a group of new home sites and they were delighted to find that nature had preserved many of the plants that people had forgotten.

With the help of friends who live and work on Amelia Island, Melvin & Lisa Usery have been able to obtain clippings of azaleas and camellias from Gerbing Gardens to be nurtured so someday they may be added to the collection of azaleas and camellias at Lockerly.  The clippings are currently in flats in our "middle" greenhouse if you would like to come visit them.  They are from the original first section of Gerbing Gardens which dates back to at least 1937. 

We will bring you updates on these and the Grassmann Camellia clippings throughout the year!

Antique Spinning Wheel Returns to Rose Hill

Lockerly recently received the donation of an antique spinning wheel that resided in Rose Hill when Mr. Grassmann purchased the property in 1964.  It is a fine example of a southern, 1800's  wheel and is in good condition.  The spindles in the wheel are held in with pegs. The table, (where everything attaches), is pine and the other pieces are a mix of woods.
Thank you to Bruce Greenwall and his family for taking care of the piece and generously donating it to us! 

Volunteer Opportunities 
With 50 acres, plus a historic house to maintain, there is always something that needs doing at Lockerly!  While our staff are diligent and work incredibly hard, we would not be able to do what we do without the support of our volunteers.  The following are some areas where we could use specific assistance: 
  • Orchids.  Caring for our lovely orchid collection in Greenhouse #2
  • Walking Path maintenance. Raking and leveling pea gravel, spraying for weeds/grass.
  • Worley Outdoor Center. Helping to clear and clean dams in Rooty Creek and general turf and trail maintenance.
  • Camellias.  Board member Bob Miller has enthusiastically taken on the care of our Grassmann Camellias, but there are lots of them, so another helping hand would be appreciated!
  • Office Coverage.  Occasionally, we need someone to cover the front office phone when staff are unavailable. 
  • Adopt-an-Area.  Are you passionate about Conifers?  Native Plants?  Azaleas?  Consider adopting an area of the arboretum to tend and care for!

Please call the office at 452-2112 if you are interested in taking on any of these tasks!  

Grassmann Camellias are Thriving! 

Last summer, Camellia cuttings were collected from Mr. Grassmann's Dry Branch caretaker cottage.  They were rooted and have been happily growing and thriving since then.  Last week, our Dirt Digger volunteers came and re-potted them into gallon pots. The final count is 400 camellias!!!  We look forward to keep you updated on the progress of these camellias!

Dirt Diggers and volunteers from the GA Youth Challenge work diligently.  

Volunteer Bob Miller teaches a student worker about caring for the camellias. 

Did You Know?

Many of you know that Lockerly was founded by Mr. E.J. Grassmann and that he hired Einar Greenwall as the first caretaker.  Did you also know that Carl Vinson was one of our founding Board members?
Thank you to Bruce Greenwall for donating the copy of this wonderful photo to Lockerly!
From Left to Right: Einar Greenwall, Carl Vinson, E.J. Grassmann & Judge Sibley (direct descendant of Judge Tucker who built Rose Hill).
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