Lockerly Newsletter May 2017

From the Director
It's awards season at Lockerly!!  No, I'm not talking about the Oscars or the GoldenGlobes, but Lockerly has been in the spotlight lately and getting some much deserved recognition. 
  • At long last, after many volunteer hours, trials and tribulations, Rose Hill has finally been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Rose Hill is an
    excellent and intact example of the Greek Revival style, which was the first architectural style to appear statewide in Georgia.  While the style is expressed through many variations, Rose Hill embodies almost all of its identifying features.
  • The Landscape Design Consultants Council of the Garden Club of Georgia recently awarded Lockerly Arboretum with their Landscape Design Award.  This award goes to "a fine example of landscape design by a commercial, industrial, community establishment, or place of worship in the state."  The plaque can be seen in the Arboretum office.
  • Also, the over 1,000 Master Gardener Volunteer hours were recognized as a "Spotlight Project" at the recent Master Gardener Appreciation Picnic in Griffin, GA. We love our Master Gardeners!

As you can see, Lockerly Arboretum is currently getting some much deserved attention and accolades. This is due to the endless commitment of time and financial support of our members, volunteers, visitors and staff.  I thank you all for your dedication to Lockerly and I look forward to even more awards in the future!


Jennifer Pollard
Executive Director
Milestones in Membership

In April 2017, we reached a new high for membership totals.  We now have 209
" Friends of Lockerly". This is the most members we've ever had!  We thank our members for your support and we strive to be good stewards of your donations. 

Members who joined for the first time or renewed  memberships during April include:

Abbey View Farms 
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Barlow
Mrs. Terriessa Barman
Mrs. Donna Bennett
Mrs. Sharon Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ciampa
Mrs. Kathleen D. Collins
Mrs. Cheryl Comer
Mrs. Debi Crawford
Drs. Robert & Anne Culberson
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dalrymple
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dean
Mr. David Evans and Ms. Gail Godfrey
Mr. Matthew Fabian
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Ferguson
Ms. Susan Goldin
Mrs. Carolyne Guitton
Ms. Peggy Hattaway
Ms. Faye Heal
Mrs. Zelina Hines
Mr. Julian C. Jones
Mrs. Angie Martin
Ms. Cathy Moore
Mrs. Letha Morris
Mr. William Mosley
Mr. George Nettles
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Noles
Ms. Nilza Kuhlmann
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Peavy
Ms. Yvonne Phelps
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Reoch
Mrs. Margie Robinson
Mrs. Kathryn Roper
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sama
Ms. Wanda Sebald
Mrs. Trisha Shepard
Mrs. Karen Sullivan
Mrs. Lena Summerlin Ms. Rachel Summerlin
Mrs. Barbara Therrien
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Thompson, Jr.
Justice and Mrs. Hugh P. Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Vinson
Mrs. Delbra G. Waller
Mrs. Elizabeth Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wells
Mrs. Lurline West
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wiggins
Lockerly is a member of the American Public Gardens Association which means a Lockerly membership entitles YOU to discounts at other public gardens, including FREE admission to the Atlanta Botanical Garden if you live more than 90 miles away.Go to to find a listing of participating gardens. 



We are bringing back Lockerly Under the Stars
and we need YOUR Help!!

If you are interested in volunteering to help plan this event, please come to a planning meeting on Wednesday, May 10, 9am at the Arboretum office.  If you cannot attend that meeting but are interested in volunteering, please contact Executive Director Jennifer Pollard at or 452-2112. 

June 5-9:  Camp Oliver Worley for rising 6th - 9th graders


June 12-16: Camp Oliver Worley for rising 3rd - 5th graders


June 26-30: Camp Discovery for rising 1st & 2nd graders


July 10-14:  Camp Discovery for rising 3rd - 5th graders


September 9:  Family Fun Day & Lockerly Under the Stars


December 7:  Rose Hill Holiday Reception


December 9:  Rose Hill Holiday Open House


January 28, 2018:  Bridal Show.  Details coming soon! 


Did You Know???

Did you know that Rose Hill would not have been eligible for the National Register listing if not for our founder, Mr. E.J. Grassmann?  Indeed, Rose Hill wouldn't be standing if not for him.   
When he purchased the property in 1964, Rose Hill was scheduled to be purchased by a developer, demolished and replaced with a strip mall.  Yikes!

Ticks and Chiggers

Deborah Foster, Horticulture Director at Lockerly Arboretum

Warm weather is back! It's time to work in the yard, have some fun and enjoy the great outdoors. As we traverse the yard, fields, garden and woods, be ever mindful of ticks. Tick populations increase significantly as we get into May, June and July. When most people think of ticks, they immediately think of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF). In Georgia, the American dog tick, Lone Star tick and black-legged tick are the primary transmitters of these diseases.
There are several things we can do to protect ourselves from ticks. Stay on open paths and trails and stay out of tall grass and brushy areas. Wear light-colored clothing to make it easier to spot ticks making the ascent up your pant leg. Wear long pants and tuck the pant legs into your socks. Use a repellent containing "DEET" on your skin and or a repellent containing permethrin on your clothes. Check yourself and the rest of your family carefully after working or playing outdoors. Check outdoor pets even if you routinely use a flea and tick product on your pet.
If you do find a tick attached to you, remove it carefully with a pair of tweezers. Use a firm, steady pull without twisting or jerking. If possible, keep the tick in a small jar filled with rubbing alcohol for identification. Just because you find a tick on you, doesn't mean it's been feeding. Ticks attach their heads to your skin with a type of "cement" before they feed. Also, not all ticks are actually infected with RMSF or Lyme disease. A blood test can be done if infection is suspected. The blood test will detect antibodies that develop in response to the pathogen but it can take several weeks for the antibody to reach a detectable level.
Twenty percent or more of the people infected with the Lyme disease pathogen do not develop the classic "bull's eye" rash. The CDC also reports that 10% of people infected with Rocky Mountain spotted fever do not develop a characteristic rash either. The best approach is to circle the date of the "tick encounter" on the calendar and if you develop flu-like symptoms, severe headaches or joint pain within the next 1 to 3 weeks, contact your physician immediately and mention the tick incident. Most doctors will take the cautious route and prescribe antibiotics which when taken early on usually take care of the problem.
Some people may wish to try outdoor chemical treatments such as carbaryl (Sevin), chlorpyrifos (Dursban) or bifenthrin (Talstar) to control ticks in the landscape. Ticks are often down on the soil itself, so the ground should be covered thoroughly to impact tick populations. Your best options are going to be a garden hose sprayer attachment or a granular insecticide.
Another biting pest that ruins outdoor fun is red bugs. Red bugs are a type of mite. In their young larval stage they are called chiggers. Ticks and chiggers have the same habitat requirements and use tall grass, vines and low growing vegetation as a way to reach their
next victim. Unlike ticks, they do not carry diseases or feed on blood. Chiggers may crawl over the skin for several hours looking for that perfect place to feed. They prefer places where clothing is tight against the skin. When a suitable site is selected they insert their mouth-parts and inject a digestive enzyme that dissolves the skin cells upon which they feed. Only the larval stage feeds on humans. Adult red bugs over winter in leaf litter and feed on small insects, insect eggs and organisms found on decaying wood.
Chiggers do not burrow into the skin, as some people believe, and the mite usually falls off its victim within a few hours. The enzymes left behind by the mite cause the infamous itchy bumps which usually appear three to six hours after being bitten. By the time those annoying red welts appear, the chiggers are long gone so putting nail polish or hair spray on the bites really isn't necessary or helpful. Using Benadryl or a hydrocortisone cream to relieve itching is about all you can do to treat the problem and the itching should go away in about a week.
An ounce of prevention can go a long way towards keeping your time outdoors enjoyable. Using repellents and taking a bath or shower as soon as you come back indoors will help reduce the likelihood of being bitten.

Invest in Rose Hill's Heritage & Future NOW
If you haven't visited Rose Hill recently, please plan to stop by soon!  Thanks to our Invest in Rose Hill's Heritage & Future drive we've been able to
  • repair the plaster problem and paint the Sibley bedroom,
  • paint both parlors and the central hallways and do some much needed cleaning. 

Custom-made window treatments for these rooms have been commissioned, chairs are being reupholstered and a ca. 1840 game table is being restored.

Please join us in preserving Lockerly's beautiful 1852 treasure for future generations.
To learn more about this project go to . Donations may be made online or checks, made payable to Lockerly Arboretum & marked for Rose Hill's Heritage, may be sent to:
Lockerly Arboretum                                                  
P.O. Box 310
Millegeville, GA  31059
YOUR support is needed and appreciated!
Anela Kolone Foundation (Suzanne Engel)
Community Foundation of Central Georgia
Gerald Grimes Plumbing
Ed Hall
William R. Harper
Joe & Nancy Hodge
Alan & Sherrill Jones
Milledgeville Garden Club
Milledgeville Garden Club Council
Milledgeville Town Committee of Colonial Dames
Gail Tucker Murphy
Bill & Dede Reoch
Douglas & Kyle Rick
William Sherrill Chapter, Colonial Dames 17th Century
Frank & Ann Vinson
Russ & Anne Walden
Watson-Brown Foundation
Ed Wolpert
Robert Wood

We appreciate our sponsors and supporters.

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