Lockerly Newsletter November 2017
From the Director
November is my favorite month.  You can always depend on November to put a crisp chill in the air and crunching leaves; two of my favorite things! 
I also love the theme of gratitude that permeates the month of November.
Thanksgiving brings an opportunity to reflect on what we are grateful for and at Lockerly, we are thankful for the continued support of our members.  It is your donation of time, money, wisdom and resources that allow us to carry out Mr. Grassmann's vision to "...establish an arboretum where plants of America and from other parts of the world could be established to impress our visitors and many of the interested public and for the enjoyment and education of such of the coming generation."    
Mr. Grassmann wanted Lockerly to be a gift to a community that he loved.  We honor his wish by remaining free and open to the public which is possible only because of the support of our members.  
On behalf of the Board and staff at Lockerly, I say THANK YOU to all of you, from the bottom of my heart.   
Warm regards,
Thank you to our members!

Members who joined for the first time or renewed memberships during October include:
Mr. and Mrs. John Chaklos
Georgia Power Company
Mr. and Mrs. David Groseclose
Mrs. Joye Hancock
Mrs. Caroline Harrison
Ms. Diana Skibiel
Ms. Jan Adair & Ms. Jean Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Troxell
Do you need to join or renew?  Click HERE to donate today!!
Lockerly is a member of the American Public Gardens Association which means a Lockerly membership entitles YOU to discounts at other public gardens, including FREE admission to the Atlanta Botanical Garden if you live more than 90 miles away.Go to to find a listing of participating gardens. 
Trail Cleaning in the Climax Forest!
The GCSU Cross Country team has been using Lockerly as a training location this fall. In exchange for using the grounds, the entire team came out to help clean up the trail at the rear of the property in our Climax Forest that leads to an old observation deck.   
A Climax Forest is a plant community dominated by trees representing the culminating stage of natural succession for that specific locality and environment. A climax community is a relatively stable and undisturbed plant community that has evolved through stages and adapted to its environment. 
The trail in Lockerly's Climax Forest has been closed for several years due to damage in an ice storm but we are excited by the steps being taken to reopen it!  
Work began on the trail earlier this year with the replacement of a bridge at the trail head by Eagle Scout Wiley Bennett.   
We look forward to keeping you posted on the progress of the project! 

Scarecrow Results
Congratulations to the Milledgeville Garden Club for their scarecrow Nelle, Millie & Tallulah, winners of this year's Scarecrow Contest! They had 336 votes and raised $84.00. 
Nelle, Millie & Tallulah 
This year's contest had a record 32 entries, and over 1800 votes.  Your participation helped raise $1,000 to support our education programs.  Thank you!!!
Harvest King 
Second place goes to Harvest King with 212 votes and third place goes to Scout and Bale with 145 votes.
Scout and Bale 
November Gardening Chores
By Barbie Colvin, Trustee and Local Gardener
Cool, crisp mornings, beautiful blue skies and lovely afternoons make November one of the most
Ilex verticillata 'Winter Gold' 
enjoyable months in the South. It is an easy month in the garden, as the weeds are slowing down, watering is not a daily routine, so for the most part, November is a month to enjoy the beauty of Autumn. There are however a few late season tasks that you can tackle to start 2018 off on the right foot.
SOIL TEST: A soil test is a great investment in the health of your flower beds, vegetable garden and lawn. For a few dollars, you will know EXACTLY what you need to do to your soil (if anything) to give your plants the best opportunity to thrive. November and December are good months to lime your lawn, IF IT NEEDS IT. Lime takes several months to affect the pH of your soil, so take a soil sample to your local Extension Office and then follow their recommendations for the appropriate treatment. If you are working on a new garden area, test the soil, amend it as needed and you'll be rewarded with a hospitable environment for your new plants to grow and thrive.
ANNUALS: Now that the weather has finally cooled down, this is the perfect time to plant cool season annuals such as pansies, violas, snaps, dianthus, kale, chard, mustard and ornamental cabbage. Use some of these colorful annuals around conifers for some instant winter interest.
SPRING BULBS: Have you planted any daffodils to enjoy next February or March? There's still time to get them in the ground for a burst of color during those dreary winter months. If you're serious about building a collection of long-lived spring flowering bulbs, buy varieties that are suited for our southern climate. Bulbs that do well in New York, Michigan or Vermont may not perform as well here in Middle Georgia. As you look through the bulb catalogs, look for varieties that specifically say "good in the South." Most reputable companies will identify bulbs good for this area. My favorite bulb purveyor is Brent and Becky's Bulbs in Gloucester Virginia ( They offer a wide assortment of bulbs that will thrive here in the Southeast, so visit their website to learn more.
Planting bulbs continues to get easier as new tools become available for the home gardener. The newest gadget to catch my eye is a "bulb auger" that attaches to a battery powered or electric drill and can make a great "bulb" hole in a matter of seconds. If you plant 50 to 100 bulbs each year, and stick with it for a few years, you'll be rewarded with wonderful drifts of color that will delight you and everyone that visits your garden.
Several plants are starting their showy season now, and if your garden is a little lackluster, consider adding some of these beauties for enjoyment over the next several months.
Mahonia eurybracteata 'Soft Caress' 
Mahonias, especially some of the newer varieties (M. 'Winter Sun' or M. eurybracteata) are already in bloom and are keeping the bees busy right now. The leaves of Acanthus (Bears Breeches) are getting big and will fill the voids left by fading hostas.
Camellia Sasanqua Hana Jiman.
Sasanqua camellias are in full swing and should continue for another month or two, when Camellia japonicas will grace us with their beauty. If you planted a Cardoon this year, you'll notice that it too is beginning to grow and the leaves just continue to get bigger and bigger. Hellebores have started sending up new leaves and even the Arums have popped up and are starting to grow. There are some great woody ornamentals, conifers and perennials that can add some real punch to the fall and winter garden, so if you need some inspiration, visit a garden center or display garden and bring some Fall pizzazz into your garden.
November begins the traditional holiday season and as we wrap up this gardening year, there is so much to be thankful for. Enjoy these beautiful days, smell the roses, add a plant or two and begin thinking about your 2018 garden. Until next month, get a little dirt under those nails and Happy Gardening!
Callicarpa japonica 'Luxuriant' 


Beginning in 2018 Lockerly will host Kid Fishing Events (KFEs).  Fishing together with your child and family can build some powerful memories!  Don't know how to fish?  No problem. There will be plenty of on-site volunteers providing assistance.

Research shows that most people are introduced to fishing by a family member, and most consider a family member to be their best fishing friend.

Here at Lockerly, staff worked hard to get our pond ready for DNR's delivery of our catfish last week.  A large amount of Alligator Weed had to be removed from the pond, as well as several pounds of bass. Here, you can see staff raking the alligator weed out of the pond to increase water flow, decrease sedimentation, increasing oxygen levels to create a habitat for the catfish to thrive in. 
Employee Marina Williams rakes alligator weed from the pond.

We will notify you of dates for 2018 Fishing Events as soon as possible!!

Lockerly is very excited to once again participate in GA GIVES DAY! The purpose of GA Gives on #GivingTuesday is to empower all Georgia nonprofits to increase funds, gain new supporters, and raise awareness through one 24-hour, state-wide marathon of giving. Bringing together thousands of the state's charities on one full-featured online donation platform,, they make it easy for nonprofits to start raising money online, and easy for Georgians to discover them and donate directly.
Donations received by Lockerly on #GivingTuesday will support our irrigation project.
We are seeking to raise $10,000 in support of our new well and irrigation system.  
In order to continue growing and properly maintaining our collection, a reliable irrigation system is the top priority.  Phase I of implementing an irrigation system required a well. To that end, the board committed to a capital expenditure of $10,000 to drill a new well which was completed in August. Phase II will involve running power to the site and installing a pump and distribution system.
We look forward to a successful GA Gives on #GivingTuesday with your support!  Thank you!! 
2018 Plant Sale Committee Gets Rolling!
In early November, several dedicated Lockerly voluntee rs gathered to begin planning the 2018 Plant Sale to be held April 20-21.  Members can shop on Friday morning, with the sale opening to the general public that afternoon and all day Saturday.
Chaired by Bob Miller, several sub-committees were formed, including: 
  • Plant Selection & Inventory: Barbie Colvin, chair
  • Plant Sale Signage: Kathy Chandler, chair
  • Plant Pricing & Labeling: Judy Miller, chair
  • Sales Staff: Bob Miller, Chair
  • Publicity Street Team: Jennifer Pollard, chair
  • Master Gardener Table: Suzi Troxell, chair
  • Holding Area: Sherrill Jones, chair
  • Post Sale wrap-up: Linda Poyner, chair
  • Raffle: Peggy Dunford, chair
 If you have interest in helping on any of these sub-committees, please contact the chairperson or contact the Lockerly office at 452-2112.   Thank you!  We're looking forward to an extremely successful sale!!

We are proud to be partnering with Live Healthy Baldwin on Walking Wednesdays!  Join our walking group and find some motivation to get more active.

Everyone and all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Take a break from sitting at the office, your body will thank you for it later!
We meet in the main parking lot at NOON every Wednesday.  We look forward to seeing you!!



December 7:  Rose Hill Holiday Reception


December 9:  Rose Hill Holiday Open House


April 20-21, 2018: Plant Sale (members only on Friday morning) 


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