Safety is a Critical Component of Your Bottom Line!

Five (5) Components Your Lockout-Tagout Program Can't Live Without
As someone who is concerned about safety at your organization, we know that you understand that safety is not only a governmental requirement, but an ethical obligation as well.  You may also agree when we say that adhering to safety standards does NOT have to be counter-productive to your bottom line. In fact, many of our solutions will increase your efficiencies and improve productivity.

When considering compliance with the lock out-tag out regulation, many will assume locking out the hazardous energy sources is all it takes. In reality, there is much more than just creating a safe work environment during servicing.

While locking out the hazardous energy source is the overall goal, there are five (5) components of a proper energy control program that will help ensure the safety of your employees.

They are:

1) Corporate policy
2) Employee training
3) Documented Lockout-tagout procedures
4) Proper Hardware and Device
5) Annual Inspection

Check out the specifics for each of these components on our blog post.
You are Invited to ESC's Safety Summit in Rosemont, IL
ESC, the world class leader in Lockout-tagout, is hosting a full day seminar on How to Implement a Highly Efficient and Compliant Lockout-Tagout Solution.

Who would benefit from attending this summit? 

1) Those interested in learning the ways in which your company can improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of their logout-tagout program.

2) Leaders who need to better understand the government regulation and what it means to their organization.

3) Managers who are seeking to maximize the efficiencies of their facility. 

The event is Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 at the Hilton Rosemont. 

Cost to attend is $750 per person, but Revere will be offering two (2) complimentary tickets to this event, per company- that's a $1,500 savings!

Interested in learning more about the seminar?   Download our Seminar Flyer.

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Who is ESC Services?
ESC Services is owned by Rockwell Automation. Everything they do revolves around Lockout-Tagout regulations, processes, and maximizing efficiencies. 

ESC strives to bring their customers peace of mind with a comprehensive Lockout-Tagout program that  proactively manages employee safety, while optimizing production efficiency.  

Not only will the chance of OSHA fines related to lockout-tagout be a thing of the past, their lockout-tagout program is so advanced it will pay you back in efficiencies you never thought possible. 

OSHA has been citing manufactures heavily in the last few years for lockout-tagout violations. ESC can bring your facility into compliance with an all new modern lockout-tagout system in a matter of weeks, rather than months or even years that it may take to do it in-house.  

Let ESC take lockout-tagout implementation off your plate and train you on how to properly maintain it so you never have to worry again that you haven't done everything possible to avoid the accidents that plague the industry every year.

Interested in learning more?  Contact is at

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