Volume III | November 1, 2017
Monthly News & Updates
We have some exciting news to share with you since our last newsletter. Click to see  Volume 1 or  Volume 2.
After extensive due diligence, Locus was selected as one of the  Top 10 Emerging Tech Companies in the world in the Production Chemicals space to present at a closed forum of super majors and top independents. The forum was organized by  Darcy Partners in Houston. The object of interest was our  paraffin dispersal solution. The exposure to companies of such pedigree and caliber was both exciting and beneficial – we are moving forward with interest from multiple major clients.
The reason why there is so much interest is that we are finding out that our paraffin dispersal solution is not only dispersing paraffin as well as any competitive product in the market, but it also increases production above the production decline curve over an extended period of time. No other product can do this. Here is an example below:
Please check out more  case histories  to see this effect in action.
Our paraffin solution improves production above the production decline curve. What that means is that even though all wells have a steady decline in production, we can help reduce the rate of decline. The effect of our product is to ultimately increase recoverable reserves. We have almost a year’s worth of data showing this effect. This has multiple advantages for operators:
1.      Qualify for state or federal tax credits or breaks (Please talk to us about this).
2.      Increase recoverable reserves and thus the value of your wells
3.      Substantial increase in income that more than pays for the cost of the treatment. What other paraffin dispersal treatment is even cost neutral? 
Based on the positive production effect  from our paraffin dispersal application, we've developed a well treatment system specifically designed to increase rate and reserves. Our treatments are showing a consistent and prolonged increase in production of between 150-500% of production rates pre-treatment. Our treatments are generating incremental incomes of between $5-25K per marginal stripper well in just a few weeks!
The next few weeks are going to be busy – we have been invited to present at the OOGA technical conference, DUG Eagle Ford and IPEC. Will have an update on these in the next newsletter.
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