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News & Notes | May 2023

Logistics Plus Named a 2023 Top 100 Logistics Company

Logistics Plus is proud to announce that it has been named to the annual Transport Topics Top 100 list of North America’s largest logistics companies. With domestic sales approaching a half billion dollars, Logistics Plus made the final 100th spot among all third-party logistics providers competing in North America.

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Logistics Plus Receives Plastic Neutrality Certification

Logistics Plus is proud to announce that it has received the official Ocean Integrity Plastic Neutrality Certification for 2022 – a third straight year. In 2022, Logistics Plus reduced its plastics footprint by supporting the collection of 72,000 pounds of marine plastic and waste.

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Logistics Plus Announces New Location in Sydney, Australia

Logistics Plus is pleased to announce the official opening of a new office and warehouse in Sydney, Australia. LP Australia is managed by Oxana Gilmanova. Oxana began her career with Logistics Plus in 2008, where she was the Branch Manager for LP Kazakhstan in the city of Almaty.

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Logistics Plus Participates in ITCC & PACC Ukraine Event

Logistics Plus was a proud sponsor of the International Trade Club of Chicago (ITCC) and Polish American Chamber of Commerce (PACC) From War to Reconstruction luncheon panel on May 17th. In addition to sponsoring the event, Logistics Plus Chief Operating Officer Yuriy Ostapyak was on the panel as a speaker.

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Logistics Plus Turkey Featured in UTA Lojistik Magazine

Logistics Plus (LP) Turkey was featured in the May 2023 edition of the UTA Lojistik Magazine titled ‘Project Transportation Will Be Doubled In Turkiye.’ The LP Turkey team was featured in the magazine’s editorial (pages 28 & 29) and advertising (page 11) content.

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The Modernization of Coal-Fired Power Plants

After five years of hard work and coordination, the Logistics Plus Project Cargo team has nearly completed the modernization and refurbishment of coal-fired power plants for a key client. The power plants were outdated and required new equipment to operate efficiently. 

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Scott Frederick Featured on WPSE Business Spotlight

Logistics Plus CMO Scott Frederick was featured on the weekly Business Spotlight program on WPSE AM 1450/FM 107.1 Radio. In this segment, Scott discusses the company’s economic, environmental, and social sustainability initiatives, including plastic neutrality certification, SmartWay Transport partnership, and more. 

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Tom Kelly & Mario Lizaola on WPSE Business Spotlight

Tom Kelly (Regional VP of Operations) and Mario Lizaola (Director of Business Development) were featured on the weekly Business Spotlight program from WPSE AM 1450/FM 107.1 Radio. In this segment, Tom and Mario discuss their backgrounds, the company’s growth on the west coast, new warehouses, and more.

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Two New 'Supply Chain Challenge Solved' Case Studies

Logistics Plus has released two new “Supply Chain Challenge? Solved!” case studies. One focuses on setting up a distribution center for a luxury brands retailer, and the other involves an interactive data model to help optimize distribution for a German client. 

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How Sustainability Relates to the Logistics Industry

Sustainability plays a vital part in logistics. The logistics industry is responsible for transporting, storing, and distributing goods, accounting for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, there is a growing focus on sustainable logistics practices that can help reduce the industry’s environmental impact.

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LP Chicago Warehouse Completes Forklift Trainings

Last week, Logistics Plus Chicago held a forklift training day for warehouse employees. Not only did the employees receive their forklift certification, but they also received training certificates. This certifies that each employee can handle the local forklift training certifications in the future (a “train the trainer” approach).

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Listen to LP Radio on Spotify

Logistics Plus launched a new podcast channel on Spotify last year. LP Radio by Logistics Plus, as it is called, includes a variety of regular and ad-hoc programs providing updates on top supply chain news, trends, and careers.

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