Is it Time for your company to have a Logo Redesign or Refresh?
Your company's brand and identity are crucial to the success of your business. A great logo will represent your company, convey important messages all the while being up to date with modern design trends. The logo should emphasize your company's strengths, and reflect your core business values. It must be memorable and create an impact. However, over time, logos can significantly benefit from a refresh or redesign. Which one would be more advantageous for your company?

Let's look at the difference between a logo refresh or a logo redesign.
What is a logo refresh? A logo refresh – is more along the lines of retaining much of the original character of a logo than a total redesign.

A logo refresh maintains some of the elements about a logo that made it successful in the first place, but may change subtle to not-so-subtle elements in an effort to modernize it and bring it into the current style. Ideally, not in a ‘trendy’ way but in a way that’s appears both established and relevant to the current aesthetic.


Netflix decided to simplify their brand, partly it seems so that it would transfer to more devices without appearing different from device to device. Strangely enough, the simpler the logo – the more it seems the logo can transfer from application to application and retainer the character of the original.
Certain elements on the Delta refresh just really seem to create greater contrast and a more sleek presence. Removing the sans- serif font  was an attempt at creating a boldness – and in that bold simplicity, leave an impression of Delta as a modern, technology forward company. Gone is any organic curve at all, and the piercing arrow up is cleaner than ever.
What is a logo redesign? A logo redesign may seem daunting and easy to de-prioritize, but making the commitment to breathe new life into something that’s worked for a while—maybe even a long while—can pay off significantly. 
Key questions to ask when considering a logo redesign
Has your business expanded or changed?
If your business has expanded or changed in any way, it may be time to consider changing your logo, too - More than pizza, Domino’s updated its highly recognizable logo to reflect additions to its menu offerings.
Do you have new competition?
You were at the top of your game, the best in your industry and now, suddenly, you’ve got some serious competition. A logo redesign can help by showing your existing customers that you’re modern and up-to-date and prospective customers that you are worthy of being considered.
Are you speaking to a new audience? You have an established customer base that’s loyal and amazing, but you’re ready to speak to younger consumers as well. A logo redesign may be just what the branding doctor ordered.
Is your logo dated?
I t’s a simple and obvious question, but one that’s worth asking. If your logo was created in the 80's it may be time to enter the modern era. Not only is the aesthetic tired, but the design is probably not compatible with the myriad of technological devices that will be showcasing your logo—mobile devices, tablets and the like.
Mello & Tabib, a cosmetic dentistry practice in NYC was looking to update its dated logo.
The  new logo  reflects the practice’s clean, modern aesthetic and approach.
A year ago Chunky Sheep Advertising enjoyed a logo redesign which was much sleeker and resonated much more professionalism.
The old logo
Chunky Sheep's original logo was cute and playful, but definitely needed an overhaul as the business grew.
Chunky Sheep's logo redesign
At Chunky Sheep, we not only had a redesign of the the graphics, but also adopted a more modern, eye-catching color scheme.
Offer available through Oct. 31st.

Let our graphic arts team breathe new life into your company's logo for a very affordable investment. We can offer multiple designs and will revise until you are completely pleased with your sparkling new logo.
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