August 2022
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Welcome to the Logos Legends 2022-23 School Year!
   We are so glad you have decided to share your school year with us! We have a lot of exciting things on the horizon for this school year.
  • We finally have possession of our new Career and Technical Arts building. We are looking forward to more exciting, hands-on classes than ever!
  • We also welcomed Amber Warren as our new middle school principal. She is working to shape middle school into an even-better, dynamic program. If you have some feedback for her on how to improve the program, she loves to hear it.
  • We are offering more classes, workshops, and programs than ever at the Logos and Grants Pass campuses.
  • Our College and Career Center is offering more opportunities for high school students to explore college or career options while still in high school (like our exciting new aviation program).

We are always working to improve security at the Logos campus so you will notice some changes this year. Some will work well. Others will need to be tweaked but we plan to keep improving them as much as possible. Your help is appreciated. One way to help is to only enter through the front door. Entering through a side gate is not allowed and will encourage small children to let adults in through the side gate which is an obvious security issue. 

The focus of this school year is to “Make It Count!” Making it count every day, every lesson, and every interaction. We want this school year to be exceptional for you and your family. We want to continue to create a welcoming, friendly, and creative environment where we make people feel valued, encouraged, and safe. Coming out of the last few years of hardship, we can help make it count by brightening each other’s day in a multitude of ways. For example, smiling at someone may cost you nothing but the person seeing that smile could brighten their whole day. Helping someone in need and being a friend is what Logos is all about! Believe that you can make a difference in every single choice you make. It is also a great way to make each day count.

We hope you have a meaningful and incredible school year! Please let any of us know if there is ever anything we can do to assist you on this journey to make it count for your child.

Sheryl Zimmerer
Executive Director
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