September 2021
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Welcome back, Logos Nation!

We are excited to begin our 12th year serving families in Southern Oregon with a personalized education! It’s hard to believe it’s already been 12 years. Twelve years of partnering with incredible parents and students on their education journey. Twelve years of celebrating little and big steps in a student’s education.Twelve years of graduations. We are excited at what we have in store for this year. It’s going to be our best year yet! We cannot wait to have students back in person again next week. 

Last year was hard. We missed students, connections, and experiences. One of the saddest things last year was walking around an empty school building. A national newspaper asked readers for a word (or words) that described last school year. Here are some of the top responses:

A Dumpster Fire
However, Logos families didn’t miss a beat when the world turned upside down. Here are some words I would choose to describe last year at our school:

You all persevered when things were hard. You all adapted when the world changed and changed and changed again. You made sacrifices as the school changed with the state requirements over and over again. You showed your dedication to your children by supporting them through this uncertain time. You also showed your incredible kindness to this community (& me personally) last year after the Almeda Fire. 

I was so excited to see smiling faces outside at the Back to School Party. It's such a great thing to get back to educating kids. That being said, the Delta Variant is giving me and other education leaders great pause right now. A lot of people have gotten sick and some hospitalized with this terrible virus. Our region is one of the leading areas in the nation for infections right now. We are told it is expected to peak and level off in the next few weeks. It's something to take very, very seriously. So where does that leave us? You can find Logos Safety Standards here. In addition to these, it's also possible that we may need to do some meetings or classes virtually in the future, however we do believe the magic happens in-person and want to get back to that every chance we can safely. Thank you for your continued grace, patience, and flexibility as we navigate this going forward. 

As things move forward this year, I know there is a lot of uncertainty and frustration on all sides of issues around masks, variants, vaccination, and mandates. I want us all to remember that these topics, news stories, and social media can sometimes seem like the whole world is divided. I can’t think of a better way to describe it than what I read in a recent blog post, 

“We have somehow fooled ourselves into thinking that real connection is too hard to come by these days. But I’ve witnessed too many moments that prove otherwise. A shared moment of beauty, a glimpse of humor, of lightness, of heroic pursuits, of people living for one another—and I’m convinced all over again that there is more light than dark, more life than death, more hope than anger, more joy than sorrow, more gratitude among us than we sometimes remember. 
So let’s fight for a world that won't be so easily forgotten. 
A world that is slow to anger and rich in compassion. 
A world that would rather be loving than be right. 
A world that keeps moving forward. 
And I can think of no better time than now.”
Joanna Gaines, On Forward Motion

So let’s move forward with the best year yet. Here are some of the great things we have in store for this incredible year:
A full-time music teacher offering 1:1 music tutoring. 
More field trips, workshops, and events than ever!
An incredible Career Success program that offers programs from beauty school to aircraft piloting. 
A new Career and Technical Education building is being built on our property (southwest side). 
Increased allotment for K-6th grade students. 
We added a new high-quality surface for our playground. 
We are working all summer to obtain a space for classes in Grants Pass. We are close to an agreement on this. More details soon! 
We have revamped middle school online classes to create a better experience and a more well-rounded student. 

The business office will be sending more information soon about: 
Reimbursement towards home internet. 
Reimbursement for reading books. 
A reimbursement towards membership or activities at:
A Local Parks and Recreation
CraterWorks MakerSpace

Keep changing the world, Logos Nation. It’s going to be a great year!

Sheryl Zimmerer
Executive Director
Logos Public Charter School
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6-12 Events
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