Weekly Regional Business Intelligence
“It's your game. Make up your own rules.” —Barbara Corcoran
VersaBank to launch digital currency
Fintech firm and Schedule I Canadian bank VersaBank is launching VCAD, the world’s first bank-issued, deposit-based digital currency.

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Industrial sector red hot and rolling
A strong industrial market is here for the foreseeable future, says CBRE; office and retail markets in “wait-and-see” mode.

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It's time to Desuckify Work
It should never come as a surprise to a leader that their organization sucks: the signs are there if you’re willing to watch for them, and above all, to pay attention to them.

Putting 5G to the test
Bringing together business, institutional and technology interests, a new research project begins to utilize Western’s new 5G capabilities.

Returning to the stage
London’s cultural and business sectors come together to launch Revive Live program in support of the city’s music industry.

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tbk named top web design provider in London
tbk has been named Top Web Design Provider in London in 2021 by Consumer Choice Award. This is the sixth consecutive year that tbk has received this honour.

Pushing the front line forward
Designed to help patients survive emergency situations and three years in the making, the COBRA-OS from Front Line Medical Technologies receives Health Canada approval.

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Dispatch: February 26, 2021
A summary of recent business appointments and announcements, plus event listings for the upcoming week.

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Keeping it old school
In Canada, there are over 9.6 million Baby Boomers and they have more disposable income than any previous generation. That’s a huge opportunity for sales.

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