Weekly Regional Business Intelligence
“I don't own any stocks or bonds. All my money is tied up in debt.” —George Carlin
Accelerating the age of voice
Already altering the business landscape, a new Voices.com report suggests the pandemic is increasing the adoption of voice technology.

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Down on the (cricket) farm
Aided by a consortium of advanced manufacturing partners and $16.8-million in new funding, Aspire Food Group is building a ground-breaking, high-tech cricket farm of the future.

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tbk named top web design provider in London
tbk has been named Top Web Design Provider in London in 2021 by Consumer Choice Award. This is the sixth consecutive year that tbk has received this honour.

Chain tension
A tree services firm has filed a $31-million lawsuit against city hall and a competitor, alleging contracts favour a single company.

National Sports to shutter
Parent company Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd. has announced the closing of all National Sports stores, including two London units.

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Terry Talk: Expressing the value of HR
Ahria Consulting CEO Terry Gillis discusses the importance of communicating the value of HR throughout your organization.
Fresh funding for Indiva
Indiva Limited to receive $22-million strategic investment from Calgary-based Sundial Growers.

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Dispatch: February 19, 2021
A summary of recent business appointments and announcements, plus event listings for the upcoming week.

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Helping others is your most valuable offering
When service to others is a central theme, an organization will deliver win-win results and thrive.