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"Lone Star Litter" Photo Contest
Cash Prize Overview
Last month we introduced our photo hunt. This month we are introducing the cash prizes. That's right, the Lone Star Litter photo hunt announces CASH PRIZES!  We're documenting the problem . A problem that appears on the road side, fouls our waterways, and floods out into the Gulf. The problem is litter. Texas is littered  with tons of stuff that should have been recycled, but instead winds up a costly eyesore. This contest is YOUR CHANCE to turn the tables on litter - and possibly  WIN 50 BUCKS! Instead of pointing our fingers in angst, let's point our cameras in defiance and document the issue. Then share your pictures on social media with the tag "Lone Star Litter" (or email them to us* and we'll share them for you).

Let's team up to prevent this Texas tragedy from continuing! All pictures received via email pictures@texansforcleanwater.com will "go into a hat" for a random drawing. Cash prizes of $50 each will be awarded in regional catagories (East, West, North, South, and Central Texas) and some special categories (like "before-and-after" clean up shots).

The Lone Star Litter photo contest is your chance to get involved, and help shine the light on the nature of the problem as it appears in your area. Look around, and if you see litter creating an ugly blemish on our beautiful Lone Star State, snap a pic and share it with us. It's that easy! YOU have the power to make a change; and let's face it, Texas needs your help. Bottom line, today's away-from-home litter on land, becomes tomorrow's Gulf of Mexico's marine debris!

*Email your pictures to 
, and be sure to identify where you took the picture and the date.  You can also share pics on our social media feeds with the hashtag #LoneStarLitter. The more pictures you submit, the more chances you have of winnning! A special THANK YOU to everyone that  already sent us pictures. Your pics are "in the hat" and eligible for the random drawing.
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