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 Loneliness - Mystically Perceived
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From a king sitting in a palace to a head of a government, loneliness can be an ever-present state of consciousness. Like those who rule, loneliness is also present in the lives of those whom one might not suspect of feeling such loneliness: people who are married or in a significant relationship may also feel loneliness; those whose lives are surrounded by many people through family or social ties, as well as business or career ties, may also feel the presence of loneliness. Perhaps only those who consider themselves loners seem immune to loneliness-yet even they will experience periods or cycles of loneliness.

It could certainly be said, then, that all situations that would seem to be barriers to loneliness are ineffectual to its presence-be it power, fame, fortune, or other manners of worldly cures against feeling that one is isolated or disconnected from even those who would seem closest.
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Text taken from Dr. Paul Leon Masters' Book: Mystical Insights, Knowing the Unknown - Pgs. 8-11.

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Eventually, whether in this physical lifetime or another, we become aware of the various states of our beingness; and through the Grace of God's Presence, we integrate all levels into a harmonious working Wholeness of Beingness.

When it comes to health and healing, indeed Silence is Golden, for it is the Sacred Silence of Universal God-Presence working to maintain or restore the health of one's body.

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Absolute Oneness is the Absolute Relationship.  In such Oneness there is no isolation or apartness. Identity is not so concerned about being loved as it is with loving.

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