June E-News from Viette's                                      Volume 8: No. 6

Lori Jones, Editor                                                                                                    June/2012

Beautiful summer gardens at Viette's

June is perennial

gardening month!


Celebrate the Month ...

Plant Perennials!   


Plan a visit to our beautiful gardens in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.  


We have a wonderful selection  

of beautiful perennials, annuals, and shrubs including crape myrtles,  

dwarf evergreens, and many  

varieties of Hydrangea.


Join us for our June lectures.

See below for details! 

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Plant of the Month 

Lavender Provence
Lavender 'Provence' has  a wonderful fragrance

Lavandula angustifolia


English Lavender 


Lovely aromatic foliage!
Of all the lavender species, Lavandula angustifolia is one of the richest in essential oils which makes it one of the most fragrant. Beautiful aromatic mounds of gray-green or silvery evergreen foliage are covered with spikes of fragrant flowers from June to September. These long-lasting blooms will attract flocks of butterflies to your summer garden and the fragrance is amazing!
Lavender flowers 
Lavender is drought resistant which makes them wonderful perennials for the rock garden. They are also great for the sunny border garden or in container plantings. They can even be used to create small hedges. Their fragrant flowers are great additions to fresh or dried arrangements.
Lavender can also be used to make wonderfully fragrant sachets and potpourris.

This species and it's cultivars are some of the hardiest and are more widely adapted to varying growing conditions than other lavenders. They prefer full sun and well-drained soil. They actually thrive in poor, sandy or rocky soils. Be sure to amend heavy clay soils with plenty of compost and gypsum. Hardy in Zone 5-9.

Pruning lavender
Unpruned lavender plants eventually become floppy and sparse. Annual pruning keeps them neater and more compact. Prune to remove the old flower stems, removing at least one inch of the leafy below the spent flowers. This can be accomplished by shearing or by pruning individual stems. In areas with colder winters, do this pruning in the early spring; in areas with milder winters, prune right after they finish flowering. Old, neglected, overgrown lavender plants cannot usually be rejuvenated by more severe pruning; they must be replaced with young vigorous plants.

Some excellent hybrids:
Lavandula a.
'Hidcote' -
An attractive, mounding lavender with silvery-gray foliage. Lavender 'Hidcote' (sometimes listed as 'Hidcote Blue') can be used in a sunny border, as an accent, or in a mass planting. It grows about 18" tall and 24" wide.

Lavandula a. 'Hidcote Superior' - An improved form of Lavender 'Hidcote' with improved flowering and a more compact form growing to 16" tall.
x 'Provence' - 'Provence' has fragrant silvery-gray foliage with lovely lavender-blue flowers. It grows about 36" tall and 24" wide.

Lavandula x 'Silver Edge' - Fragrant blue-green leaves are edged with creamy white which matures to a bright white. It grows 18" high and 24" wide. 

The bottom line ... 

Plant a few pots of English lavender in your garden, then pull up a comfortable garden chair, sip a cool glass of ice tea, and enjoy the delicious fragrance of this long blooming plant!   


We have several wonderful varieties in our garden center.


Did You Know?

Good organic soil  Proper soil preparation helps fight pests and disease  


Proper care of the garden bed is one of the best ways to ensure happy, healthy, carefree gardens. Since diseases and pests tend to seek out and attack weak, sickly plants, you want to make sure your soil is dug, amended, and watered properly.


Bed Preparation 

A new garden bed should initially be dug to a depth of 12"-18". Work in some organic soil amendments such as compost, peat moss, or leaf mold so that at least 25% of your soil is amended with this good organic matter.


 For each 100 square feet of space, add:  

10 lbs Espoma Plant-tone, an all organic, slow release fertilizer (use Holly-tone for shade gardens)  

10 lbs rock phosphate which encourages flowering and root growth (use super phosphate for shade)

5-10 lbs Espoma Greensand which has nutrients for disease resistance

5-10 lbs gypsum, a soil conditioner especially for clay soils


After planting your bed, water well and apply a  

3" layer of pine needles or bark mulch (pine bark mulch is best).


Water Properly  

Good watering practices will ensure that your plants will remain well hydrated and healthy through the season. The proper watering technique simulates a gentle rain over a long period of time, putting down 1" - 1�" each time you water. This should allow the water to penetrate 12"-18" deep and will encourage the development of deep roots which will make your plants more drought resistant. Depending on the amount of rainfall, you should water for 8-12 hours every 10 days or only 3 times per month.  


Viette's swing head hoe
Viette's swing-head hoe

Weed Patrol 

Check for weeds in the garden on a weekly basis and remove any that pop up. By keeping up a diligent "weed patrol" during your garden walks, you can cut down on the amount of time you will spend weeding later.  


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Tip of the Month

Choose long-blooming perennials to expand the season ...     


A garden just coming into bloom is an exciting experience. If you plan properly, you can have wonderful new blooms each month of the growing season.  


Although most perennials bloom for a month or two, adding variety and enjoyment, you may wish to add some longer blooming perennials which span the seasons.


Some excellent perennials for the sun garden which will bloom for three to four months or more include:  

  • Agastache - great for attracting butterflies 
  • Coreopsis verticillata - Thread-leaf Coreopsis
  • Gaillardia 'Fanfare'
    Gaillardia 'Fanfare' blooms from June through October
    Delosperma - Ice Plant 
  • Dianthus - many of the low growing varieties
  • Gaillardia - large, showy flowers
  • Gaura lindheimeri - great for attracting butterflies 
  • Geranium sanguineum spp. - low-growing geraniums 
  • Heliopsis - drought tolerant, good cut flowers 
  • Lavandula angustifolius - Lavender, fragrant 
  • Perovskia has fragrant silvery foliage and vibrant blue flowers.
    Perovskia attracts loads of butterflies to the garden.
    - Shasta Daisies
  • Monarda spp. - attracts butterflies and hummingbirds  
  • Perovskia - Russian Sage  
  • Rudbeckia spp. - Brown-eyed Susan
  • Salvia nemorosa - great for attracting butterflies
  • Scabiosa columbaria 'Butterfly Blue' and 'Pink Mist' 
  • Verbena 'Homestead Purple' 
  • Veronica spp. 
    Monarch butterflies love Buddleia
    Monarch butterflies love Buddleia

A few long-blooming shrubs for the sun are:

  • Buddleia - Butterfly Bush, attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, fragrant
  • Hypericum patulum 'Hidcote' - small, low shrub
  • Potentilla fruiticosa - small shrub   
Chrysogonum virginianum makes a fine ground cover for the shade.
Chrysogonum is a colorful ground cover for shade.

The shade garden can be also be enhanced by some long-blooming, shade-loving perennials:

  • Chrysogonum virginianum - Green & Gold, U.S. native
  • Dicentra eximia - everblooming bleeding heart  
  • Gillenia trifoliata - Bowman's root, native to the U.S.
  • Helleborus spp. - Very early blooming, deer resistant 

Many shade garden perennials have interesting foliage with large, bold leaves. These perennials provide all season interest in the garden not with their flowers, but through their foliage which has interesting colors or textures. For these plants, the flowers are mostly just an added bonus. 

  • Polygonatum odoratum Variegatum
    Variegated Solomon's Seal is a great ground cover for shade
    - Beautiful fern-like foliage in various shades of green and a diversity of leaf textures
  • Bergenia - bold evergreen leathery foliage 
  • Cimicifuga - layers of attractive foliage including a beautiful purple-leaved variety, most are tall
  • Darmera peltata - Big, bold flat topped leaves
  • Hosta - huge diversity of size, color, and texture
  • Kirengeshoma - large plant with maple-shaped leaves 
  • Ligularia - a variety of leaf shapes, sizes, and colors 
  • Polygonatum - Solomon's Seal
  • Rodgersia - exotic perennial with bold leaves of various shapes and sizes
Heuchera Midnight Rose
Heuchera 'Midnight Rose' has very unique foliage.

There are also many sun-loving perennials with colorful and unique foliage.

  • Artemisia spp. - many have beautiful silvery foliage 
  • Heuchera spp. - a huge diversity of foliage colors
  • Sedum spp. - great diversity in foliage color and height   

lecturesJune Lecture Series and Events at Viette's! 

Daylilies blooming in one of the front berm gardens at Viette's.


Saturday, June 9th at 1:30 pm 

The Art of Creating a Hypertufa    

Learn to create a hypertufaA Hands-on Workshop.  

Join special guest Pam Shank of Landscapes in Miniature for wonderful workshop where you will learn to make a hypertufa by actually DOING it! Participants will be able to craft a small hypertufa garden planter from start to finish, receive tips and complete instructions, and will take home their completed planter at the end of the workshop. This is a messy workshop - cured hypertufa does not wash out of clothing easily- dress accordingly, please.   

 Please pre-register by calling us at 800-575-5538. 

$45 fee includes all materials and instruction to create your own hypertufa. 


Saturday, June 16th at 1:30 pm 

Beautiful Summer Perennials for Your Garden   

Learn all about the wonderful perennials that bloom in the early summer and beyond. Andre will talk about tough summer plants which survive heat and drought conditions. He will focus on perennials with easy culture and low maintenance. Come learn how to prepare your garden for summertime by choosing the best summer perennials. Free lecture


Saturday, June 23 at 1:30 pm  

Topic to be determined 


Saturday, June 30th at 1:30 pm 

The Art of Creating Miniature Landscapes   

Learn to plant a miniature gardenA Hands-on Workshop.  

Join special guest Pam Shank of Landscapes in Miniature for wonderful workshop where you will learn to make whimsical miniature gardens by actually DOING it! During this hands-on workshop, participants will craft a miniature garden planter from start to finish, receive tips and complete instructions, and will take home their completed planter at the end of the workshop.  This is a messy workshop - we will be playing in the dirt - dress accordingly, please.

Learn to plant a miniature gardenIf you participated in the June 9th Hypertufa Workshop, bring your hypertufa and Pam will show you how to create a wonderful miniature landscape in your own pot! If not, come anyway and we'll have pots for you to plant and create or bring your own favorite container!  

Please pre-register by calling 800-575-5538.

$55 fee ($45 if you participated in the June 9th hypertufa workshop). Fee includes all materials and instruction to create your own miniature garden.     


The Daylily and Wine Festival is held each summer at Viette's
Save the Date! 


16th Annual Daylily Food  

and Wine Festival


Saturday, July 21st - 10:00am - 7:00pm

Sunday, July 22nd - 12noon - 5:00pm  


If your idea of a great time is enjoying  

fine food and spirits, learning about gardening, listening to music, and relaxing in a beautiful setting with family and friends, then put these two days on your calendar! 


Fields of glorious daylilies and exotic plants against the scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a must-see for flower lovers, wine lovers, and weekend travelers seeking a relaxing get-away. In its 16th year as one of the Shenandoah Valley's most popular festivals, the Daylily Food and Wine Festival will be better than ever!  


Virginia Farm BureauThe Virginia Farm Bureau has partnered with the Viette Family to become the presenting sponsor of the festival and has helped to heighten the event offerings, by enhancing the Virginia foods, wines, and gardening education available at the festival.  


Held in the gardens of the Viette Farm and Nursery in Fishersville, Virginia, the festival will feature some exciting new additions including an extensive farmer's market where more than 20 local farmers will offer fresh, locally grown foods for attendees to purchase and take home.  

The Daylily Food and Wine Festival is being coordinated through Lewis Media Partners    


The Daylily Festival is fun for the whole family!
  • Interesting seminars - whether you join us to learn more about small space gardens or how to raise daylilies, there are informative and fun short seminars for every level of outdoor enthusiast
  • Taste wines from over 20 of Virginia's award winning wineries
  • Sample some of the finest Virginia foods from a wide range of regional food producers
  • Browse through a diverse range of more than 100 different artisans & crafters 
  • Enjoy live music while feasting on a wide variety of foods offered by local restaurants
  • Stroll through the nationally renowned Viette gardens and enjoy over 6 acres of beauty! 
  • Don't forget the kids! The newly expanded children's area will offer several hands-on, fun and interactive agricultural/horticultural activities that will help educate kids and families on the yummy and healthy produce options available right near their homes ...

Read more about this fun-filled festival ...  


Click here to purchase Daylily Festival tickets online.

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Upcoming Appearance
Join Mark Viette at
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Mark VietteSaturday, June 9th

at 9:30 AM


Innovative Ideas  

in Garden Design 


Mark will talk about using trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, bulbs and even vegetables in garden design. He will focus on how simple and easy it is to add gardens within a garden. During his seminar, he will also discuss proper soil preparation and watering practices. If you're in the area, stop by and catch this great gardening lecture! 


Christmas Tree Hill

2801 S. George Street, York, PA 17403

Phone: 717.741.2296

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View from the Viette home in St. Thomas.
View from the Viette home
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Explore the unspoiled natural beauty and tropical beaches of the Caribbean. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy diving around colorful reefs, snorkeling in crystalline waters, or sailing on a catamaran. If shopping is your sport, you'll find plenty of places to splurge on duty-free treasures.  


You'll visit 7 beautiful islands of the Caribbean and have the opportunity to enjoy private shore excursions including the fabulous 5 acre hilltop home and gardens of the Viettes. 


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