Long Island: A Material Culture Hearth for American Design and Construction  

Presented by Eric Anderson, AIA

Eric Anderson, AIA is an architect and educator with extensive experience in facilities planning and project management for educational and non-profit organizations, developing instructional, research, support and residential buildings. Over a 30+ year career, he has planned or managed $ 1.5 billion of facilities for non-profit institutions with specific responsibilities for master planning, project design, design management, forensic practice, and capital program management. He is a registered architect in New York and West Virginia, and holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and West Virginia University.  He is a member of the American Institute of Architects, where he has recognized with the Educator and Membership Awards.  His research interests include architectural pattern languages, Long Island design and construction precedents, and religious facilities design. 
Material culture is the aspect of social reality grounded in the objects and architecture that surround people. It includes the usage, consumption, creation, and trade of objects as well as the behaviors, norms, and rituals that the objects create or take part in.

This lecture will consist of:
Long Island as hearth for material culture
Long Island the hinterland for New York
Community formation/community inversion
● Worker communities
● Intentional communities
● Residential parks and parkways
Morretti, Moses and you

LI architectural hearths
● England, New England and the FHA
● International Style and hemispheric hegemony
● Modern Mannerism and Post Modernism
● Resiliency - past, present and future

The Construction Hearth: Why is this important?
● Transit Oriented Development and the lesson of Morretti
● Housing Types
● Planning for Resiliency
● Regulatory evolution
● Technology and innovation

1. Material culture study as a source for design and construction patterns.
2. Understanding Long Island material culture contribution to national and international innovation in design and construction.
3. Transit Oriented Development and the lessons of Morretti
4. Going forward - the next contributions of Long Island to the material culture of design and construction.

2 AIA LU's
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AIA Member-$45.00
AIA Associate-$25.00
AIA Non-Member-$70.00
Tuesday, February 25, 2020

58 South Service Road
Melville, NY 11747

Dinner at 6:00 pm

Presentation at 7:30 pm