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This newsletter is filled with things you can use or do this long weekend for end-of-summer family fun, self pampering, and gourmet delights, and entertaining.

Hostess gift ideas - already wrapped up - are available in store for your convenience this long weekend...

Items are added as they arrive and our brand new online store is open 24/7 for pick up OR shipping. More items are being added to the on-line store regularly - please check back frequently. Contact us at anytime for items you can't find online.

Hope you get to relax and ENJOY this long weekend
Have you seen our BRAND NEW online store?
Items are added as they arrive and is open 24/7
for pick up OR shipping.
More items are added as they arrive
please check back frequently.
Contact us at anytime for items you can't find online

Covid 19 Measures
Some new measures will be put into place to keep everyone safe including:
  • Limited store hours for IN- STORE shopping
  • Contactless curb-side pickups still available: Fri & Sat 12-4pm
  • All customers will be required to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer upon entry
  • Limited amount of shoppers allowed in the store at any given time
  • Floor plan has changed to allow more physical distancing.



These fun question games are sure to keep a small group entertained for hours.

Hygge game:
  • This game has more than 300 entertaining, interesting and thoughtful questions designed to spark cozy conversation (Age 14+/ players 2+)

Things They Don't Teach You in School game:
  • A mildly offensive, highly entertaining party trivia game that contains 110 cards with more than 400 unexpected questions and answers you'll never see coming (Age 17+/ players 2+)

How Old Are You Really? game:
  • a hilarious and revealing game with more than 300 entertaining questions designed to diagnose your true age, no matter what it says on your driver’s license! (Age 14+/ players 2+)
The Hygge Game
Things They Don’t Teach You In School Game
How Old Are You Really Game
Escape to the sun-soaked Italian Riviera and be challenged by this Cinque Terre jigsaw puzzle, or spend hours looking at cute pups from an Australian Shepherd to a Beagle to a Collie and many more, or find the purr-fect cat in these fun, quality puzzles.

  • 1000 precision-cut pieces fit snugly.
  • High-resolution image.
  • Linen-textured surface reduces glare.
  • Durable premium blue puzzle board. Full-sized, full-colour poster of finished puzzle included for reference.
  • Hours of fun
  • Box measures 9-1/4'' square x 2'' deep. Finished puzzle measures 28'' wide x 20'' high.
  • Warning: Choking hazard -- small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Paraffin Candles/Oil Lamps
While you are enjoying your favourite libations this holiday weekend - keep the empty bottles and turn those empties into a unique centrepiece.

This lamp oil is eco-friendly, highly refined, odourless, smokeless, and indoor grade. Made in Canada

Available in citronella, clear (unscented) , and cognac (unscented) coloured. Fibreglass Wicks (never need to be replaced) and paraffin sold separately,
Fiberglass Wick
Decoflam Pure Liquid Paraffin


FarmHouse Fresh

Treat yourself and replenish your skin after this sun filled summer with FarmHouse Fresh. Known for their delectable fragrances and effective formulas; this best selling line can help you relax, unwind, and feel rejuvenated.

For those who are not familiar with FarmHouse Fresh, the lineup of products is so unique and pure that they have been praised by Oprah Winfrey and the beauty experts at many magazines, as well as being voted numerous times by spas, hotels and resorts as one of the Top 5 Favourite Bodycare Lines every year since 2012.

Farm House Fresh products are professional products made with homegrown ingredients from farm to skin and are up to 99.6% natural.
  • Everything is Paraben & Sulfate FREE 
  • Fragrances are all phthalate free  
  • Most are vegan
  • No animal testing (PETA Cruelty Free Certified)

If that weren't enough... they operate a non-profit animal sanctuary
As a spa and wellness brand, we believe being "green" goes beyond preserving the environment and includes ensuring the well-being of the animals that inhabit it. So we use profits from FarmHouse Fresh product purchases, to fund, rescue, and rehabilitate abused animals that our employees help care for at the FarmHouse Fresh Sanctuary. We also help fund other local rescue groups. At FarmHouse Fresh, the purchase of a single hand cream can directly pull a family of starving donkeys off a slaughter truck! Every purchase you make helps animals in need, and w
e are honored to make sure your dollars stretch farther than the products you buy and enjoy personally.
FarmHouse Fresh

Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze 3 oz
This product has been called the Instant Pedicure. Simply brush on and rub into feet for chalkless bliss - no more white ashy look! (It's fabulous on cracked knuckles too!)

The finest of moisturizing elements have been used in this product - from genuine honey, and aloe leaf juice to pineapple and papaya fruit extracts. Includes application brush in a darling carrying box to delight gift recipients.
Formulated to tighten skin and diminish lines, while giving you radiant skin.

Includes antioxidant-rich blend of turmeric, fresh bananas, and New York grown echinacea extract. Turmeric oil contain significant amounts of antioxidants that firm and tighten skin, reducing the look of fine lines. Plus, banana pulp and peel are rich in provitamin A, carotenoids, and phenolics that rejuvenate the look of complexion.
Farmhouse Fresh Mighty Tighty Banana Tumric Mask 3 oz
Farmhouse Fresh Watermelon Vodkatini Sugar Body Scrub 12 oz
Prepare yourself for a juicy slice of delight. This scrub combines Square One brand organic vodka, basil and watermelon seed oils with sugar and rice bran oil - for a luscious and refreshing exfoliation that renews your skin and leaves an absolutely tempting scent in its wake.
1 pound of pears, crushed and fermented help distill the brandy in each jar. Includes fine grain sea salt and rice bran oil to leave you with extremely soft and glistening skin.

Recommended for all skin types to remove rough skin.
Farmhouse Fresh Brandy Pear Sea Salt Body Polish
Farmhouse Fresh Chocolate Fig Serum 2 oz
This ultra-hydrating, instantly renewing serum is brimming organic California figs, cocoa and Texas wildflower honey. It is an antioxidant and nutrient cocktail that glides over skin and thoroughly absorbs.

Chocolate Fig Vitamin Recovery Serum is full of live fruit cells (for a dewy feel), plus a plethora of additional vitamins C, E, and B5 (for a glowy, radiant appearance). If you have normal to dry skin, you will absolutely love this serum - it smooths flawlessly under your daily moisturizer.


Gourmet du Village Moscow Mule Drink Mix
Refreshing Moscow Mule, one of the trendiest drinks out there. Crowd pleaser’s at any cocktail party.

What to do FOR A PITCHER:

Pour contents of pouch into a jug. Add 175 ml (5.9 OZ) of vodka and 125 ml (4.2 OZ) water. Stir until dissolved. Add ice and stir again lightly. Top with 750 ml (3 cups) club soda. Pour into copper mugs or tumblers.

Who is waiting 3 hours to decant their wine in 2020? NOBODY.
But that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy each bottle to its full potential. Remove the bitter tannins of a fresh bottle in these Eisch wine glasses in just 3 minutes (equivalent to 2 hours of decanting).
Eisch has been a top seller for over a decade and as always, we tell customers if you don't taste the difference - bring the glass back.

To do a taste test on the effectiveness of the glass, pour wine (from the same bottle) into the Eisch glass (has brand etched into base) and any other wine glass you may have of comparable size. Wait 3 minutes. Try the wine in the Eisch glass first (your pallet will not be affected by the bitter tannins you will experience in the second glass).
Made in Germany
Eisch Stemware Red Wine Glass
Eisch Stemware White Wine Glass
Eisch Sensis Plus Stemless Wine Glass

  • Sensis Plus Glass enhances aromas and flavours while preserving the original character of the wine
  • Glasses specifically crafted to enhance the enjoyment of red wine
  • One-piece pulled stem will feel elegant in your grasp
  • Made in Germany with lead-free crystal
  • Dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning
  • Multi-award winning glass, recommended by sommeliers around the world

Don't forget to save your bottles to turn them into oil lamps (see above)
Seasonings & Sauces
Classic slightly spicy - a perfect balance of taste. A great way to get that moist, seasoned chicken, you’ll never want to cook a chicken any other way.
Made in Canada.

What you Need:
30 ml (2 tbsp) Chicken seasoning
10 ml (2 tsp) olive oil
15 ml (1 tbsp) Chicken seasoning 
45 ml (3 tbsp) ketchup
355ml (12 oz.) beer
Gourmet du Village Beer Can Chicken Classic
What to do:
Mix together the Chicken seasoning (reserving 15 ml (1 tbsp) & the olive oil and rub it on a whole chicken, inside & out. 
Combine the remaining Chicken seasoning, the ketchup & the beer. 
Pour back into the empty can of beer. 
Pierce two more holes on top of the beer can. 
Place beer can in a beer can chicken roaster then place chicken on top. Preheat grill. 
Grill over indirect heat at medium for 2 hours until internal temperature of thigh is 82°C (180°F). 
Remove chicken when cooked & let sit (with beer can still intact), for 10 minutes before carving.
Smoked Sriracha & Roasted Garlic Mop Sauce - 2018 GOLD SOFI WINNER
Showing the barbeque who's boss. Grab a mop and prepare to slop it on thick. Wildly Delicious has blended the heat of sriracha sauce with the sweetness of roasted garlic and a hint of hickory smoke to create a rich, thick sauce that’s bound to become your new grill-go-to.
Made in Canada.
Gourmet Ketchup - Dill Pickle
Gourmet Ketchup - Chipotle
Gourmet Ketchup - Bacon
Made in Canada, Twisted Tomato ketchup is a unique blend of ketchup and complimenting flavour, that creates mouth watering results. Available flavours:

  • Pickles and ketchup go great on burgers so why not put the flavor of both into a bottle?
  • Tangy with a hint of spice, Chipotle ketchup livens up any dish with a little chipotle pepper.
  • Oh Bacon - Everyone loves bacon- with a hint of saltiness and the sweetness of fresh grown tomatoes, this combines the best of both worlds. Enjoy your vegetables with bacon, because it goes on everything.
Gourmet du Village Dip Recipe Box Lemon Chiffon
Lemon Chiffon Dessert Dip Mix makes 2 cups (16 oz). It's easy to make, delicious to taste, serve with fresh fruits or vanilla cookies.

What you Need:
Contents of Lemon Chiffon Dip mix pouch
Contents of white chocolate chips pouch (3 tbsp white chocolate chipits)
60 g (2 oz) cream cheese, softened
500 ml (2 cups) plain Greek yogurt
What to do:
Make sure cream cheese is softened (if cold, microwave approx. 30 secs), stir until smooth. Add dessert mix and stir until combined. Mix in Greek yogurt. Gently fold in the white chocolate chips, reserving a few for topping. Do not over mix. Serve with fancy cookies or sliced fruit.



If you are headed to the cottage or any communal living space with a shared bathroom, PooPourri is a MUST HAVE.

"Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know" - by spritzing PooPourri 3-5 times into the toilet bowl on the water's surface creates a barrier - trapping odour under the surface. 100% natural ingredients - safe in septic tanks too.

If you already have your favourite scent, you can find an 8oz or 16oz refill fragrance at the links below.
PooPourri Original Citrus
PooPourri Lavender Vanilla
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