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February 2017, issue # 52

At E-Crane, it is important for us to have a long standing relationship with our clients and to support them, not only through installation and early operation but through the entire life of the machine and beyond.

The relationship with E-Crane does not end once the E-Crane is installed and commissioned, but rather, this is when it begins! There is proof of this in many aspects of our business. We pride ourselves in remaining in close contact with all E-Crane customers, and consider them as a part of our E-Crane family.

We are also always striving to improve our service response, to quickly solve problems that arise and keep downtime to a minimum. This is why we have developed the ' myE-Crane' service application which will connect our customers to E-Crane service technicians at the touch of a button.

Whether you are a new client just realizing the benefits of the E-Crane or a long time repeat customer, we are proud to have you as a part of our E-Crane family ! 

Mark W. Osborne
Sales & Marketing
E-Crane USA

 After 15 years and 70.000 hours still going strong !

As everyone knows, tensions are high in the country of Venezuela due to staggering inflation, food and medicine shortages. In spite of the crisis we like to keep in touch with our friends and clients. Using social media, I occasionally chat with Luis Mok and Enzo Carlucci (managers at the Global Venezuela bauxite unloading site on the Orinoco River). I recently told Luis about the steady growth of the E-Crane Worldwide Group.

He replied; " Hi Mark, I'm not surprised that E-Crane has grown continuously, your cranes are excellent!! The best proof is that Global's cranes are still operating after 15 years without doing the proper maintenance during the last 7 years due to the lack of money to buy spare parts".

We appreciate our clients and wish nothing but the best for our Venezuela friends !

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 E-Crane launches the 'myE-Crane' app

E-Crane International USA, Inc. is proud to announce the roll out of the "myE-Crane Application". This simple to use application works with a smartphone and keeps the equipment operator, maintenance technicians and management staff up to date and informed IN REAL TIME.

The goal is to allow direct communication from the  E-Crane operator to the  E-Crane company service group. All communication and actions are data based, preventing miscommunication.  

A secured iPad, located in the operator cab lets the operator report a problem with one click on the (repair request or emergency) button. This creates a service ticket and immediately notifies management and technicians assigned to that E-Crane.  All communication between the operator and technician is recorded and tracked, along with any spare parts that are added to the ticket.  If the issue requires E-Crane service personnel on site, the application even tracks the technician location and sends a notification when the technician is on site.  Once a ticket is closed, all data is stored as a report within the app.
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