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Longarming Series #8
The following topic is geared towards avoiding extra charges and obtaining the best outcome for your quilting treasurers.

You’ve finished piecing the top. Now it’s time for the embellishments to be put on: buttons, bows, sequins, cording, seashells, varsity letters,…, you name it.

Well, no it is not time to do the embellishments. Most embellishments must be attached to the quilt top after the quilting has been completed. Check with your longarmer first.

There are reasons for not putting the embellishments on first. For example, when the needle hits an embellishment, even if it continues sewing, the contact between the needle and the embellishment may have made a tiny hook on the end of the needle. This little hook may pull batting through to either the top or back side of the quilt. It can also make tiny cuts in the top or bottom material’s threads.

Also, such a contact between the needle going 3,000 stitches per minute and a hard surface can break the needle. The needle can tear the top and/or the back before the quilter can stop the progress of the sewhead. This is a serious problem. You may have to applique a piece onto the back and find some or the original fabric to replace the damaged piece on the front.

Additionally, the pattern that is being stitched by the longarmer will be broken up by having to avoid the embellishment. Since there are usually more than one embellishment, this can be a large problem. Breaking up the pattern of the stitching will result in the quilt appearing less beautiful than expected.

Avoid all these problems by applying the embellishment after the quilting. I have even seen piecers remove buttons from shirts on shirt quilts and re-attach them after the quilting has been done.
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