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This Isn't Just For Longarmers

These newsletters on longarming are oriented towards piecer so that they can get the best results from longarming services. In fact, when Ruth started giving talks on this subject, it was not toward longarmers, but those who used longarming services.

However, with the growth of "Do-It-Yourself [DIY] Longarming", or "Longarm Rental," more and more piecers are longarming their own quilts. They learn quilting "from both sides of the coin," so to say. Also, there are a lot of new longarmers out there who do not have a firm basis on which to evaluate quilts for longarming. The points covered in this series should help them.

A Review

I have been interrupted many times with nasty things like hospitals and moving and, of course, COVID19. As such I wanted this newsletter to be a review of the prior seven newsletters on the subject. These will be listed by newsletters. The titles are hyperlinks to them.

  1. Start of Longarm Series
  2. Backing Capacity
  3. Borders
  4. Communications
  5. Backing Commotion
  6. Salvage The Selvage
  7. Pre-Wasing

The next newsletter will be on embellishments and is titled "I'm A Rhinestone Quilter." [Can't you just hear the song in your head when you read that title?]
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