February is a short month, so it seems like all the monthly marketing projects need to be finished simultaneously. Amazingly, having fewer days in a month can disrupt the natural flow, or so it seems for me at least.
A short month doesn't mean we stop learning, though. Below is an article about reusing and updating old content, and it's one of my favorite ways to create new content and update the SEO for a website. You should check it out.
Keep improving your marketing for 2022 using the valuable tips below.

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What are keywords? Keywords are the words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your website via search engines. SEO Long Tail Keywords are a phrase that is generally made from three to five words. Since these keywords are more specific than generic terms, they allow you to target...
We all know that short-form video is all the rage on TikTok and Instagram but there’s a bigger trend many marketers might be overlooking.

In this analysis, you’ll uncover the growing importance of longer videos, which platforms are a sure bet, and why you should start planning your video strategy ...Read More>>>
Considering all the ways to draw attention to your content, one underutilized tactic could help you get even more from your creation efforts: historical optimization.

Historical optimization involves updating published content to give it new life and longevity. This powerful tactic taps into everything you’ve already done. All the content painstakingly created for your website can be used again and...Read More>>>
In a talent migration unlike anything we’ve seen in the history of the workplace, employees are not only thinking about how and where they work, but why they work. The Great Reshuffle challenged marketers to maintain relationships, forge new connections, and secure customers in the face of ...Read More>>>
LinkedIn Videos get 3x more engagement than text posts and are the most reshared form of content on the platform. But if you are just getting started with LinkedIn video, it can get super tricky to keep a track of the different specifications and formats for videos on the platform as well as all the options you have to post videos on LinkedIn.

Before we show you how to upload videos to LinkedIn, there are a set of LinkedIn video requirements...Read More>>>
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