SUNDAY June 14, 2020
One might think they've already experienced a few "longest days of the year" during this pandemic pause of 2020, but June 20 claims that official record. Known as the Summer Solstice, this Saturday is expected to clock in 13 hours, 46 minutes, and 41 seconds of daylight. Following that, the sun takes a lower and lower path through the sky each day through the summer until it reaches about 12 hours and eight or nine minutes in September.

Extended daylight is uplifting to most people making them want to get outside even more and find fun things to do. The wide open spaces of the Upper East Side of Texas offer a long list of welcoming people and places providing memorable experiences. Small town shopping, dining, attractions, and more are open for business. Visitors and residents alike are encouraged to continue the Centers for Disease Controls recommendations for safe distancing, wearing a mask when that's not possible, and washing and sanitizing hands often.

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The legendary singing cowboy Tex Ritter married actress Dorothy Fay Southworth on June 14, 1941. The couple met while filming four films, from 1938 to 1940. Hailing from a ranch in Panola County, Texas, Tex learned to sing and play music in church before charming the world with his rich western ballads. He had a long and colorful career and the couple had two sons, one being the late actor John Ritter.

In the video above, John's daughter Carly pays tribute to her grandfather's musical legacy as she sings one of his hit tunes, "Jingle, Jangle, Jingle."

Read our interview with Carly and learn more about the entire talented Ritter family in the County Line archives.
Junebug Summer Fair Set For Next Weekend
Junebug Summer Fair takes place each year on the Summer Solstice weekend featuring the works of artists, musicians, and a farmers market. Headquartered on a three-acre park surrounding the Forge Bar & Grill, the event is spread out this year over three days June 19-21 and throughout historic downtown Ben Wheeler to help with social distancing. Learn more on the event's website .
Located near Red Oak, Texas, this property south of Dallas is a 10 acre park that includes a resort-style pool and hot tub with palm trees, winding spring-fed creek, lighted sport courts, fully-stocked game room, furnished house with chef's kitchen and more. It accommodates 16+ guests with seven bedrooms, 16 beds, and five baths.
Almost 100 years ago, Bessie Coleman, born to sharecroppers in Atlanta, Texas, became the world's first licensed African-American pilot. Read her inspirational story of overcoming the barriers of racial segregation to become an aviation pioneer.
By Sherrie Chesser, Lufkin
I need clarity,
a moment of sensible restraint.
Thoughts pure,
undistracted by petty emotions
and unfulfilled desires.
Who are you?
Naked and stripped to the core,
your blinding truth speaks loudly,
unveiling things you had forgotten:
lies and deceit.
Heart white and sin speckled –
mirror image of mine;
a matching pair.
Neither better nor worse than I,
our souls move in tandem:
striving to be good but failing,
fleeing from evil and surviving.
Two are better than one.
You take the lead,
I’ll sustain you with music and words.
I can go no further alone.
Tested and proven,
I found clarity. Now
I need you.
Covering the Arts Across the Upper East Side of Texas
Look at Me
Check out this video exhibition called "Look at Me" by the Winnsboro Center for the Arts. It features artwork inviting spectators to contemplate concepts of appearance and personality and the truths that lie within the faces we meet every day.
Farmers' Markets Bring the Freshest and Tastiest Foods
People are enjoying farmers markets all over the Upper East Side of Texas this year more than ever. This featured video is the Harrison County Farmers Market in Marshall, which takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon. Take a look at our list of the best markets in the region HERE .
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