BSB #101   from J. Morris Hicks    (7-19-17)   Dr.  Lovelock on Long-term Human Survival

Two BBC videos included below (3 min & 58 min)

In my last BSB, I introduced the latest "big picture" scientist who has been added to my ever-evolving PPT talk about the "most important topic in the history of humanity." Today, I am celebrating his birthday one week early--he turns 98 on July 26, 2017.

The slide below appears in the latest version of my PPT presentation. It is followed by a 3-minute BBC video clip of Dr. Lovelock, speaking candidly about the possible "end of civilization"--way back in April, 2010, when he was only 90.

Now for the 3-minute video of this great scientist
From the 2010 BBC Documentary (referenced above) 

A Few of his Quotes from the Video

"There is no morality about it; if the Earth improves as a result of our presence, then we will flourish. If it doesn't, then we will die off."

"I fear that not many of us will survive, at best about a billion--possibly a lot less than that."

"How they will die--it will be by starvation, by war, by disease, who knows? The four horsemen really ride when conditions like that happen."

"It isn't an easy subject, is it?"

Hope for the futureAlthough some would label him a pessimist, I like the way Dr. Lovelock keeps hope alive, even though he is quite candid about what is likely to happen if we don't undertake urgent and massive changes in the way we live. Late in the talk, he speaks about family--which, at the end of the day, is what human life is all about.

Having lots of family myself, I will never give up hope for our future as you can see from the 64 slides in my latest presentation provided below. Preventing the ultimate collapse of our civilization and the ensuing demise of our species will not be easy, but I truly believe that it is possible, and that's what keeps me going.

To view at your leisure. This is the full 58-minute BBC documentary ("Beautiful Minds" in 2010) from which the above 3-minute clip was taken. After watching, you will feel like you know Dr. Lovelock personally.

My own latest presentation PPT.  To view all 64 slides in my latest presentation, click on the link below. Other upcoming talks include Ithaca, NY, in September, Ontario (Canada) in the Fall, Fort Myers, Florida, in January and Honolulu in April. Finally, please let me know if you'd like for me to make a presentation at a venue near you.

Be well,  J. Morris (Jim) Hicks

Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth

Moonglow J. Morris Hicks

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