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The 2016 Fall Research Conference is not to be missed! The event will
feature engaging panels, roundtables, workshops, symposia, and poster presentations. 

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Now Accepting #2016APPAM Caucus Submissions

We are now accepting proposals for caucus sessions at the 2016 APPAM Fall Research Conference. Details on submission requirements and process are listed below. Submissions will be accepted until  September 9, 2016 .

A caucus session is meant to prompt informal discussions on an emerging policy or management topic and is led by a moderator. These open discussions are designed to center around evolving research topics and invite feedback, questions, and promote discourse.

Caucuses are one hour long and should begin with the moderator giving a brief 10-minute introduction to the general topic and suggesting some questions, theories, or related information to spur discussion. Attendees are encouraged to respond to questions and comments by the moderator. Participants should feel free to raise their own questions for the group and suggest other perspectives and angles to be considered. Caucuses during the 2016 Fall Research Conference will take place during breakfast at 7:15 am on Saturday, November 5th.

For examples of caucus sessions, please check out the #2015APPAM listing.

Interested in serving on an APPAM committee?

Non-Council members can be appointed to open committees if there is a vacancy. Non-Policy Council members who are interested in serving on an open committee (Finance, Membership, Meetings, Communications, Membership, Policy Relevance, Diversity, Publications, International and Professional Development) should contact the Executive Director no later than Wednesday, November 30, 2016. Additional information, including descriptions of leadership positions, is available here.

JPAM Featured Article

Point/Counterpoint: "Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation"

Point: Rena M. Conti, Ph.D.

Counterpoint: Geoffrey Joyce, Ph.D. and Neeraj Sood, Ph.D.

In the latest featured article from the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Drs. Rena M. Conti, Geoffrey Joyce, and Neeraj Sood debate the pros and cons of Medicare price negotiation on prescription drugs.  As part of our ongoing effort to promote JPAM authors to the APPAM membership and the public policy world at large, we have asked these authors to answer a few questions. See their interview responses here.
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