We are grateful for all of our donors.
Your financial support is what keeps us going.

We are also grateful for the words of encouragement that accompany your gifts. Your thoughts, prayers, and moral support bless us and motivate us.

Sometimes, though, there's a note that captivates us.

This is from Briana.

"This program helped me and my mother and sister when we were homeless. I was four. I am now twenty-two and still so thankful for this charity and what it did for my mother during a troubling time. Amen, May God bless this foundation."

Briana remembered how Christian HELP was there for her family nearly 20 years ago.

We've only been able to be there because of you.

Take a look at this video. It's how you've given families HOPE.

The mission continues, and the stakes may never be higher for thousands of local families on the brink of homelessness.

The clients are grateful for your support.

HELP families Make The Grade this summer.

Every dollar impacts a family.
Christian HELP has long been a proud partner and participant in the Leadership Seminole program.

Leadership Seminole is designed to bring present and future community leaders together to make a difference in Seminole County.

Our former and current Executive Directors, Sandi Vidal and Vickie Martin are graduates of the program.

We are pleased to announce that our Director of Development and Communications, Doug Prusak, is the latest representative of Christian HELP in the program.
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