We have continued to see an increase in larceny from vehicle calls. Our reminder is still the same, do not leave valuables inside the car, and always keep your cars locked to prevent unwanted entry. While some have expressed they leave their car unlocked to prevent smashed out windows, remember that a very, very, small percentage of car larcenies involve smashing the window out, and those typically involve someone leaving something of great value in a visible area. Often, someone looking for a quick score will move on if the car doors are locked.

If you see someone you suspect of breaking into cars, get a good description and call us right away. We were able to apprehend two suspects because of this. The best thing you can do to help us is to be a good witness. Take note of clothing description, physical characteristics, vehicle information, and direction of travel. Calling us as it occurs give our officers the best chance to catch someone in the act. 

You have likely heard there was a shooting between the Alpine AMC Theater and Chuck E Cheese. Officers were able to apprehend two individuals and a vehicle involved, and detectives were able to track down a third. The investigation is ongoing.

As the holidays near, online sales increase, and with it, the arrival of “porch poachers.” Beware of individuals who look to grab your holiday packages and take off. Try to schedule deliveries for when you are home or have a trusted neighbor watch for the package to be delivered. A Ring Video Doorbell may be a good addition to your Christmas list.

Join us for Pizza with Police at Standale Pizza Hut on November 15, from 5-8 PM. A portion of the day’s sales will be used to support a needy family during the holiday season. Our final City Wide Neighborhood Watch meeting is scheduled for December 11, from 6-8 PM, in the Community Room of Fire Station #3.