Sharing a common history. Making a profound impact in Billings and around the world.
  "I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else."
- Pablo Picasso

Billings Catholic School parent Brook Hadley gives back as an extraordinary volunteer within our BCS community. Nine years ago, Brook Hadley put an idea into motion. She wanted children to have more exposure to basketball, so when they entered 7th grade they would have a better understanding of the game. She observed how children who had access to travel basketball had a big head start to kids who could not play. She explained, “travel basketball is really expensive, and not all kids have the opportunity.” When she started the program her aim was “getting kids exposed to the game and to do something fun for the younger kids.” She developed the program in 2007, and after 9 years, her vision has been achieved and her goal continues to grow. As a BCS Parent and mom to five (all who attend or have attended BCS from Kindergarten), Brook volunteers where she sees need and where she feels she can help the most.

Fifth & sixth grade basketball has grown to five teams throughout the years. Not only have more children become involved, but their parents have as well. Fellow BCS parent and friend Dan Williams has also helped with program since it began. Brook recruits volunteer coaches who are most often parents. They lend a hand to the program, but also get in more quality time with their kids. Hadley notes she has seen how sports have positively affected her children. Lessons learned in sports have a lifetime of value and she notes how sports can brings the kids together. “The kids learn team work, putting others first, sharing a common goal” she shares. Learning how to be a good winner, and possibly more importantly, a good loser is a really great lesson.

A good idea can have immeasurable results when it is acted upon. Brook Hadley saw a need and chose to act. Giving hundreds of children access to a program they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. The impact of her programs is seen in the lessons these children learn and take with them. 

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