Sharing a common history. Making a profound impact in Billings and around the world.
Andrew Miron, BCS Alumni, Class of 2006  

Microchips are everywhere, part of everyday life, but nobody really knows how they work! Thankfully this is not the case for Andrew Miron, a BCS Alum and engineer helping to create new tech in a rapidly growing field. Miron gave me a quick synopsis of the tiny powerful devices he helps develop and test. He is currently a Product Engineer at Impinj (pronounced as you would say imping); and works with the design team on verification and product viability.

From the time Andrew was little he was interested in technology. His mother Jamie (BCS Alum 1981) worked for what was then Billings Deaconess in the IT department. When computers broke and were no longer useful, she would allow Andrew to take them apart. Getting to see how technology was built encouraged him to learn more.

Andrew earned his degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Computer Science from Seattle University. Completing college during the recent recession wasn’t easy, but with his skill he landed a job at Impinj. He has been working his way up ever since. Impinj is a tech company in Seattle specializing in RAIN RFID which is a system of connecting everyday items with the internet for the purpose of cataloging and pinpointing exactly where the items are located in real time. Think of it as if everything in your house was micro-chipped. If you couldn’t find your favorite coffee cup, this system would be able to tell you exactly where your coffee cup was in your house. The application of this system works in hospitals, manufacturing and retail allowing them to locate exactly where everything is, at all times.

Andrew notes BCS’ strong focus on math was helpful in prepping him for college. As an engineer major and one credit short of a computer science minor, he needed to be on top of his game throughout his college career. A strong foundation in math and science was important. Clearly being on top of his game paid off! Andrew is working in a developing area of tech and getting to lend his expertise to microchips that will certainly surround us all soon. We are pleased to be able to call him one of our own!

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