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Today’s news moves at lightning pace and journalists need to move just as fast. Billings Catholic Schools Alumni (class of 2011) Megan Hoffman is a Multi-Media Journalist working for KIMT in Mason City, Iowa. This year she found herself front and center to the political stage as the Iowa Caucuses kicked off. Working to bring accurate up-to-date information to her viewership she was on hand as the Presidential hopefuls came through the state. She has the rare opportunity to meet interesting people on a regular basis.  This year alone she met Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump as they wooed the Iowan voters.

As a Multi-Media Journalist, Megan is a one-woman show. She reports, writes, edits, shoots footage and helps produce the news. Mason City is a small town and everyone working at the station is counted on to know how to bring news to the community from brainstorming to finished product. While it sounds daunting being responsible for so many angles of getting the news to her viewership – Megan feels it allows her a great opportunity to learn the process.

Hoffman says her BCS education helped steer her into journalism.  Working for KTVQ2 over summer breaks and during the Christmas holidays, she was able to learn the business and develop her resume. She credits the close network of friends and family in BCS for giving her a start, noting “the relationships I made in school were a great help.” 

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