Sharing a common history. Making a profound impact in Billings and around the world.
Naomi Yakowich, BCCHS Alum, Class of 2010

This month we caught up with Naomi Yakawich, BCCHS alum from the class of 2010. Naomi works as a freelance writer, and is passionate about making the world a better place. Naomi strives to work with companies and nonprofits who she feels have “moral and innovative practices [that seek to] build a peaceful world.” Devoted to working toward world peace, she has mindfully chosen a path where she feels she can contribute.

After graduation she chose to stay local for her college education and headed up to MSU Billings. There she earned a degree in Elementary Education.  During her time there she dove into volunteering for the Global Peace Foundation (GPF). GPF is a nonprofit whose vision is “One Family under God.” Their mission is to “support social cohesion and peacebuilding, promote moral and innovative leadership, empower families and build models of development.”  After volunteering for the foundation throughout college, GPF offered her a job upon graduation in Seattle. Naomi packed up her life here in Montana, and went to work for their Washington state branch as a Program Manager and Writer. At GPF she was able to organize and develop programs for young professionals aiming at encouraging and building them into compassionate community leaders.

While at GPF, she also worked as a writer for their USA division. It was here that she realized her passion was for writing; and so, she decided to take a leap of faith and pursue writing on a full-time basis. With Global Peace Foundation as one of her clients she is able to continue to work with the organization she feels makes a difference. She states her focus and passion best, “In my work as a freelance writer, my hope is to create pieces that move peoples' hearts, but more importantly, move their legs and arms and their whole body to take action. I want people to hear about all the amazing work going on around the world to advance world peace and want to be a part of it, to take action right now.”

We have no doubt her passion and voice will help to move people in a direction of compassion and positive action. To read some of her work, click the links below.

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