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Dear #Positivity Friends,

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe we’ve said goodbye to another year. As I think back on 2022, I get the distinct feeling that time is somehow moving faster. It’s more than just watching my ten children growing up before my eyes! It’s a sense that ever-advancing technology and communication tools are hurrying us along these days, forcing us to take in greater and greater amounts of information and experience, until we’re not only forgetting to smell the roses, we don’t even see the roses as we whiz past them every day.


I’m excited to live in these times, where so many things our parents and grandparents never even dreamed of are actually a reality in our daily lives. Take my iPhone, for example. This thing is straight out of an episode of Buck Rogers my dad watched in the 1950s! Yet here it is right in my pocket, allowing me to see my family or run my business from anywhere in the world. With it, I can access insanely complex information, monitor my own health, or buy a car that’s delivered to my door before I sit down at the dinner table tonight.


There’s no question that the technology and other miracles of the modern era add great dimension to our lives. But this year I want to be more mindful of the cost of these conveniences. Am I spending as much time engaging with my fellow human beings as I am with my smartphone screen? Do I need to forego the speed of a text or an email to experience the value and pleasure of looking into someone’s eyes when we communicate? Should I take the long way home so I can see the roses and smell them? 

As the great philosopher Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Let’s keep our eyes and hearts open in 2023!

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With hope and positivity,

#Positivity® Stories

Pottery Barn Launches Accessible Home Furniture Collection

Homes outfitted with wheelchair ramps, sturdy handrails and grab bars, or stairlifts can be a great help to people who are elderly or have disabilities or other special needs. Pottery Barn has married that specialized functionality with its signature style and launched The Accessible Home Collection, a line of supportive home furnishings. The 150-piece collection was inspired by Pottery Barn president Marta Benson, who noticed that the office restroom wasn’t furnished with any of the company’s own pieces. When questioning the store designer, she discovered that none of furniture in their collections was compliant with standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which bathroom furnishings in the workplace are required to be. With expert advice from the Disability Education & Advocacy Network, pieces from some of the company’s most popular product lines have been adapted to meet ADA specifications. Think mirrors that tilt down so someone in a wheelchair can see themselves, recliners that help lift the user up to a standing position, and desks and tables with plenty of space for a wheelchair. There are also non-slip rugs and unbreakable accessories that pair with this furniture to make a home that’s beautiful and supports a safe and comfortable lifestyle.

Violins for All!

Any parent can tell you that the violin is an expensive instrument for a child to take up. With a price tag of $100 to $300 for an ordinary student violin, the cost can be prohibitive to many people who want to learn how to play. Thanks to the AVIVA Young Artists Program—a web-based music education program for young violinists—violins are now available to many more students at a much more reasonable cost through the magic of 3D-printing. The violins are built in two pieces; the neck and fingerboard are printed in smooth ABS plastic, while the body of the violin is made with a plastic polymer substance. The result is a violin that has a darker and mellower sound than traditionally built violins, and costs about $40 to print and assemble. Mary-Elizabeth Brown, director of the AVIVA Young Artists Program, described the goal of this work: "…to explore the new sound world created by using new materials, to leverage the new technology being used in other disciplines, and to make music education sustainable and accessible through the printing of more durable instruments."

Patches of Light

When a child becomes sick with a life-threatening illness, home life changes drastically. In the whirlwind of meeting the sick child’s needs, family finances often go into a tailspin, not just because of the medical bills but also because a parent must go on unpaid leave during this crisis, causing the family income to become unstable.


Patches of Light is an organization that helps to cover many regular and extra expenses the family incurs during this time—travel expenses, auto repairs, mortgage payments, parking fees, rent and utilities, food, fuel, and much more. Founder Mindy Atwood— recently recognized by L’Oreal at the Women of Worth 2022 Celebration for her work—is no stranger to this kind of chaos. Her family faced this situation with two of her own children, so she knows first-hand how difficult this experience can be to endure. The organization’s goal is “to keep families together, and focused, during their child's diagnosis, hospitalizations, and hopeful recovery.”

Moshe Means Business

Excellent communication is the backbone to any team’s success. You can be the smartest person in the room, but if you can’t communicate with your team effectively, no one will benefit from your expertise. Don’t think of it as “business communication” but rather as connecting to others as you would in any environment. The more comfortable you are expressing yourself with anyone in your day-day-life, the better you’ll be at getting your message and ideas across in business.

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How We Heal: Uncover Your Power and Set Yourself Free

by Alexandra Elle

Wouldn’t it be amazing to set yourself free from your emotional pain and hurt? Bestselling author Alexandra Elle presents practical and empowering instruction on how to heal yourself. From learning journaling rituals and restorative meditations to using tools to deal with difficult emotions, this guide can show you how to change your life. It offers an encouraging and enlightening approach that consists of essential techniques, personal stories, and powerful insights that enable you to access the wisdom and confidence to bring genuine healing to your life.

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