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Twister Interest Is Up!
'Raggedy" Ruth Is The Twister Queen!

Twisting is fun. If you can do a four-patch, then you can do a twister. Start with the free Twister Keeper that makes a single twister so that you "get the hang of it"! The Twister Keeper also is a great place to store your twister templates that you use in "Raggedy" Ruth's projects.
"Raggedy Ruth" is my queen of the Twister with 14 beautiful and interesting Twister-style patterns! These come in 30 sizes ranging from a placemat to king-size bed covers and all points in between!
These patterns make use of the three smaller twister-templates because the smaller templates allow the designer to focus more on the design than on the geometry. The three template sizes are: Lil'-Twister™ template, Primitive Pinwheels™ template, and the Itty-Bitty Primitive Pinwheel™ template. [And, you can get these templates on our web-store.]

Many of these patterns have a choice templates to correspond to the choice of the size of the intended finished project. A few of the patterns are constrained to a single size template to achieve an intended size . 
Early on, Ruth combined her first five patterns into the book Twister Chasers which also has excellent instructions for creating twister projects of any size. [The patterns in the book are indicated with an asterisk [*].]
Fly, Fly Away! - Three Sizes has been our best selling pattern.*
Who Let The Dogs Out?- Three Sizes.
Here Kitty, Kitty! - Three Sizes.

Team Spirit! - Three Sizes with all of the entire alphabet plus the word "OF".
Twisted Double Lone Star - Three Sizes .*
Initially Baby - One Size with all the letters of the alphabet.*
I Love USA - One Size with the letters "U", "S", and "A".
Wedding Ring Heart - Three Sizes.*
Hospitality Sweet - Two Sizes.*
Twister Angel - Three Sizes.
Twister Keeper - One size, single twister - Free.
May Flowers With A Twist - Three Sizes.

I Love My Team
- One Size with all the letters of the alphabet. which allows you to put any initials you want, including a loved one.. The size is constrained by the applique lettering, which are a modified size of the Crazy Patchwork Alphabet [RGRP13] by Raggedy Ruth Designs™. The heart is the twisterized portion of the project.
Pinwheel OSU - One Size with the letters "O", "S", and "U".

You can see the entire group on our web-store, Twister category. We even have a special or two going on! Check it out on our web-store.

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