Paying it Forward
A Quarterly Newsletter of the Caring Community Foundation
Issue 1 - Volume 2 - October 2016

Welcome! The Caring Community Foundation would like to take the opportunity to share with you some of the new and exciting things we are doing in OUR community and the patients YOUR support impacts. This is our quarterly newsletter capturing the past, present and future of the Caring Community Foundation. Thank you for your continued support as we alleviate financial stress and burdens for cancer patients in need. 

Event Recap - Pay It Forward 2016

Infographic courtesy of Dana Crosby

Thank you to all of our volunteers, donors, and supporters! With your help we are able to help more cancer patients receiving treatment in the Triangle area of North Carolina. We appreciate you!

Based on our current average requests, the $184,000 raised at the 2016 Pay It Forward would be distributed as follows:

$92,000 towards rents/mortgages, helping 142 patients, AND
$44,160 towards utility bills, helping 124 additional patients, AND
$31,280 towards car/transportation expenses, helping 76 more patients, AND
$16,560 towards other expenses (food, lodging, etc.), helping 44 more patients

*Based on average patient requests for 2016

CCF Patients Served

Here are some of the patients YOU have recently provided immediate help: 

  • 34-year-old male with metastatic renal cancer was diagnosed in December 2015. The patient was diagnosed after severe back pain scans showed a tumor on his spine which eventually led to his diagnosis.  The patient is now paraplegic and has been going through rigorous treatment at Rex and UNC.  The patient was a power washer but, obviously, is now unable to work over last six months. The patient was awarded $583 for rent and $180 for a ramp rental.   
  • 44-year-old female with breast cancer was diagnosed in June 2016. This patient has a new diagnosis of breast cancer and is having treatment at UNC Hospitals. She recently moved to a new apartment prior to the new diagnosis and since being diagnosed, has been unable make her rent. She is facing possible eviction while simultaneously starting chemotherapy. The patient also has two children in the home. The patient was awarded $650 for rent. 
  • 13-year-old female with leukemia was diagnosed in February 2016. The patient is one of six children under the age of 15 being cared for primarily by her father with assistance from her two grandmothers. The patient's family resides an hour and a half from UNC Hospitals, and she goes weekly for scheduled chemotherapy. Her father works full-time but is running out of FMLA, driving back and forth to Chapel Hill once a week, and struggling to make ends meet while caring for his six children. The patient was awarded $200 for transportation.
  • 79-year-old male with lung cancer was diagnosed in June 2016. This is the patient's sixth cancer diagnosis since 2010 and per the spouse's report, they have spent "so much money fighting the cancers that they are struggling to live". The patient and spouse were living month-to-month and barely making ends meet but this most recent diagnosis/treatment plan had placed an even greater amount of financial strain on patient and his spouse. The patient was awarded $700 for rent. 
The Caring Community Foundation has already supported over 270 patients in 2016!

100% of individual donations directly help patients in need!

Help us reach our goal of supporting one patient a day; 365 patients a year!

Words from Our Patients

Each month we receive thank you notes from patients supported by CCF. Below are actual words of gratitude expressed by people  YOU have helped. 

  • "My husband and I would like to thank the foundation for paying our rent. During this time we are so blessed to receive this at this time. I am sending a small check to put towards someone  else's bills. With deepest thanks."
  • "Thank you Caring Community Foundation for paying for my stay at the Caring House for my radiation treatment at Duke Cancer Center. It meant a lot to me for you to do that."
  • "Thank you so very much for your charity. A lot of stress has been relieved as I fight the fight for my life - lung cancer. I'll be able to go through my chemotherapy treatment without that stress. So, again thank you."
The Caring Community Foundation respects the privacy of the patients we serve. For this reason, we have listed the individuals who sent the letters above as anonymous. 

The Caring Community Foundation Board commits to match
$30,000 of online contributions in 2016!

We now offer alternative donation options:  donor advised funds, stocks, and trusts.
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Coming Up...

October 2016 -  Brighton Collectibles - Power of Pink Fundraiser   -  Brighton Collectibles at the Streets at Southpoint (Durham) - All Month

Thursday, October 6th -
 Brixx Pizza Fundraiser - Brixx Pizza Cameron Village - All Day

Thursday, December 15th - Deco Raleigh Shopping Day Fundraiser - Deco Raleigh - All Day

Why Volunteer with CCF?

Robin Foster  Volunteer - Pay It Forward Event Chair

" I found out about CCF through Rex Hospital when I was being treated for Breast Cancer. I was overwhelmed with the generosity of the Foundation.  Later that year, I received an invite to the Pay it Forward Party. My husband and I both had a great time and met so many wonderful people.  I wanted to be a part of it!  I didn't have a lot of money to donate, but I could volunteer my time and talents.  For the past 4 years I have been thankful to work with amazing people, give back to my community, create some fun graphic design pieces, and help cancer patients with very real, immediate needs.

Dana Crosby - Volunteer - Communications Committee (Graphic Design) 

"Volunteers are the lifeline of the Caring Community Foundation and we are blessed with the very best. Whether you can volunteer 20 hours a week or 2 hours for an event, the impact you are making for the organization and the lives of the patients we support on a day to day basis is beyond significant. YOU are making a world of difference for OUR community. Thank YOU!"

Hannah Earnhardt - Executive Director

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