April 2019
A full-page spread lists us among the Better Business Bureau's best-ranked charities. (P.S. - We have top marks from Charity Navigator and GuideStar too.)

Goddard Riverside Learning to Work, our newest program, helps young people finish their high school degree and move on to work or college.

Partners Needed!

Goddard Riverside works with local businesses on internships and job placements. If you're interested in placing interns or employees at your organization, contact the programs below. Every partnership is backed with our commitment and experience!

Students : High school students aged 16-21, starting at 10 hours per week, paid by Goddard Riverside Learning to Work (see story above).

Contact Jose Manzano, Program Director, 646-937-0010 or [email protected]

Adults : Adults available for full- and part-time work as well as internships of 10-20 hours per week. Many internships are paid for by Goddard Riverside; job salaries are covered by the employer.

Contact Deborah Kaplan, Director of Employment and Rehabilitation Programs, 646-505-1088 or [email protected]
Our Law Project and other tenants rights organizations rallied on the City Hall steps for an expanded Right to Counsel! The landmark Right to Counsel law guarantees lawyers to low-income tenants facing eviction.