Support a local junior sport association.
Become a good corporate citizen.
Receive a terrific marketing product.
Let us promote your business for 12 months!
Network with other businesses.
Get your story out in the community!
All at a great price for your business.
We can help you with this & more!
  Dear Business Owner/Contact

We are sending you this email as we believe your business is uniquely positioned to take advantage of our stand out sponsorship/business offer. The "Warriors Basketball Program" and "The Community Forum Online Newspaper" have joined forces to provide something very unique. A sports club sponsorship that also provides a service/product for your business.

This is entirely unique and now you not only can you be a great corporate citizen that supports junior sport but more importantly, you can receive a genuine business product in return for your business. Now that's value for money!

What's the business product I hear you say?

"The Community Forum Online newspaper" is a new online newspaper business designed to promote and connect businesses initially across South East Melbourne and in the longer term wider Melbourne. We do this by visiting business strips and districts on a suburb by suburb basis. It is our goal to have visited all suburbs between the Chadstone and Southland Shopping Centers by the end of 2019 if not sooner.

In each shopping strip and business district, we will be contacting and visiting every business. We want to promote their product/service, share their story, increase their network and share their concerns and issues, while also distributing ideas and thoughts on running a business better. We will also be contacting and visiting organisations, such as sports clubs, churches, schools etc in each suburb.

We are exactly what our name suggests a forum for our communities.

The Community forum is specifically designed to bring, local businesses, organisations and groups together in an affordable way. Even more impressively, you can receive much more than a simple ad to promote your business; we will give you a whole page for twelve months! It's like having a mini-website that can direct traffic to yours.

Advertise specials, write stories, promote work you do for the community, have a video promo published and link them to your website and social pages. If you don't have them? then no problem, we can provide those as well for a fantastic price.

This and much more is possible and you will be cross-promoting with other businesses and organisations in your local area and through the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne to have the potential to greatly expand your marketing to a wider audience. You can even provide articles, stories and content to raise your business profile

At worst you can join our mailing group and receive great news and stories that can help to motivate and inspire you in your business, while see what the Community Forum is all about.

Read below for more detail.
Local News for Local business
We will be covering local businesses, local sports clubs, local groups and local organisations. We will tell their stories and promote their services.

Each week we will publish our newsletter with stories from across the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and ultimately beyond.

This is a great way to not only get your businesses story out but to learn more about your local community and the opportunities it will present.

Great Look & a Great Price
Our online newspaper is a Wordpress website which is one of the most common website platforms on the planet. On top of that WordPress websites are both functional and adaptable. We can customise your page to make sure it looks great and provides the information you need to promote your business.

We believe our prices will surprise you and be more affordable than you think.

Your Issues - Our Agenda
Do you have a pet gripe to do with local, state or government regulations or laws that efect your business? If so let us know and we will look to take up the argument on the behalf of all businesses to local, state and federal politicians and bureaucrats .

Every week, as any newspaper will do, we will be providing opinion pieces on news and issues of the day. No point in having a paper if you can't express a point of view.

If you are so inclined we would also welcome any article you may wish to contribute. Join the forum, join the discussion and yes at times join the debate!

Even just writing an article with an opinion piece that relates to your business is a great opportunity to get your message out there while raising your profile at the same time.

We will always be looking for copy to publish, so get writing and send it through to be published!
Don't have a website or
social pages? No problem.
To fully complement advertising through the Community forum it's best to have your own website and social pages. If you have them already then you are well placed to take advatange of our services

If not there is no need to worry, We can design and host a new website as well as develop new social media pages for your business at terrific prices. They are a great way to complement your page on the Community Forum.

Email newsletter & marketing
Each week we will be delivering an email to all our client businesses with stories from local business and groups within our communities.

We can also assist your business with the development of your own email marketing campaign

What value would you put on this
In effect, every week for the next 12 months we will be visiting businesses and community groups who could be interested in what your business has to offer.

Every week we will be doing the hard yards of visiting every business in at least one shopping strip/district every week.

Every time we just get even on subscriber added we potentially expose your business to one new customer. Each week every business that subscribes will receive our weekly email newsletter

To employ somebody to do this for your business for twelve months what would that cost? Through us it's $550.00!
The Community Forum, BMBA & the Oakleigh Warriors

At "The Community Forum we are passionate about junior sport. We currently support both the BMBA basketball development program and the Warriors Basketball program that incorporates two clubs. The Oakleigh Warriors and the Glen Eira Warriors. If you take up this offer not only will you receive this great business product/service, but you will also become a sponsor of both organisations who have significant growth plans for 2019 and beyond.

As a minor sponsor, you will have your business promoted on the sponsor's page of both organisations. The cost for this would normally be $550.00 for 12 months. This effectively means you will receive a FREE sponsorship or a FREE business service through the community forum. Now that's GREAT VALUE!

Your business will not be only securing a great business package but supporting junior sport at the same time! Become a valued corporate citizen for your local community today while receving great value for money for your business at the same time!
The FIFTY550 club represents our goal of securing a minimum of fifty businesses with this sponsorship proposal which costs $550.00.

To become a member of our FIFTY550 club, Get in contact today and we will arrange a meeting to discuss how to best promote your business. As the name suggests it costs $550.00 to join and for that, you will receive

  • A Dedicated 12-month advertising page and advertising link in the "Community Forum" online newspaper.
  • A promotional story for your business placed on our front page and for 12 months your page.
  • The ability to forward on your stories and promotions to be added to your page.
  • Inclusion in our weekly email newsletter that is sent out to businesses and subscribers each week
  • Complimentary Minor sponsorships of BMBA and the Oakleigh Warriors
  • Opportunities to provide articles and opinion pieces as copy for our weekly editions both via our email newsletter and our website to raise your profile

This package comes at a great price of $550.00! (This price includes GST)
Normally this would be worth anything up to $3,000.00 alone and you receive two products for the price of one.
We have given you the business reasons why you should take up this offer, now we want to present to you why you should support the Warriors Basketball Program. The club has endured a turbulent two years after enjoying a golden five year period beforehand. After nearly going out of existence twelve months ago, the club is now getting back on its feet and needs to raise funds for administrative, marketing and legal costs to build back it back to its previous levels of membership.

Over the next two years, we have a clear plan to build the club to it's strongest position in its history. It will be the greatest resurgence of a local junior sporting club in this region and will be an exciting project to be a part of. Join us in making this happen.
Each week we will be publishing and distributing an email newsletter to all our clients and we would like to ensure you receive your copy. This newsletter will include stories, opinion pieces, business reviews and much more. The best way to ensure you get your copy is to subscribe to our email newsletter and we will then send out our newsletter direct to your inbox. To sign up simply CLICK HERE and complete your details.
So for less than a price of a cup of coffee a day you can get started on your journey with our online paper by contacting us via my details listed below.

Yours sincerely,
Bob Mann
The Community Forum
 Mobile: 0490 823 400     
​​​​​​​Website:  www.communityforum.com.au