Greetings Center Members,

The generosity that has been pouring out of our South Brunswick community has been remarkable. This past week Pierre's Restaurant donated several delicious Turkey Dinners will all the sides to South Brunswick's most vulnerable. Residents enjoyed a surprise warm meal and not only did it bring a smile to their face it brought sunshine to them during some dark, difficult days.

Von Thun Farm owners were overwhelmingly generous with an abundance of fresh, delicious produce that they donated.Our drivers delivered two dozen large bags of vegetables to home-bound seniors.

Additionally, South Brunswick residents have been donating food and money to the SB food pantry which helps our most needy members in the community.

FLAG/SB is a Facebook Group devoted to sending meals and masks to those workers on the front line. This includes hospital workers, police and fire fighters, dispatch workers and more. Through donations, they have been able to order food through local restaurants and the front-line workers who put their lives at stake for us while we stay at home get a 'taste' of the community's gratitude. Here is an article that was recently written about them.

Along the lines of being generous, I'd like to share a way we can all be generous. Several years ago we had a campaign that suggested you 'look to the right and then look to the left'. My article came out in the winter and I wanted to make everyone aware of people who might need their driveway and steps shoveled! Well, this time I am asking you to think about your neighbors who might need something at the supermarket if you are heading out that way. Our goal is to stay home as much as possible and if you can be so generous as to help someone to stay home and get them what they need, that would be an incredible act of kindness!

Darlene, Jackie, Jasmine, JillAnn, Steve, Dawn and I all send our best to each and everyone of you. We all look forward to hugs and handshakes!

Karen, Mary and Jodi also send their best and are super busy preparing and distributing meals to over 300 households in town and the surrounding areas. If you need to call Karen to discuss whether you meet the criteria for home delivery of meals through Middlesex County Aging and Disabled Services you can reach her at 732.329.6171 or

We love hearing that you are doing well and figuring out how to stay safe and engaged. And if you are not doing well and want to share that with us we would love to hear from you too. Perhaps we can help in some way.

Of course one way to stay connected to us and each other is through the Facebook group , conversations through conference calling and group chatting.
There is an incredible amount of information available and it feels like info overload at times, so I will not bombard you with everything I come across. I have shared only a few links below.

My Best Regards,
Caryl Greenberg
732.329.4000 x 7682

Thank you Gail for suggesting a site to play Mah Jong. Click below and find friends to play against with the current 2020 card or prior years cards. You can also play against the computer. Enjoy a free trial.
Thank you Darlene for the suggestion of relaxation. This is a free app and a nice way to rest your thoughts.
This is a free app to help manage stress with 5 minute relaxation exercises to choose from.
Thank you for sharing JillAnn with a free screening of the play Treasure Island, staged by The National Theatre (UK) [first two minutes are ads]. It is available until April 23.

Make some popcorn, grab a blanket and enjoy!

What fun! Be part of our Facebook Community!

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' What's on your Mind' with Dawn

Whether you have been a participant of this group or not, you are all welcome to join the discussion. The group participants discuss many topics from the current state of affairs, to best TV to watch to reminiscing your best memories to ethical dilemmas- most everything; except- politics!

April, 23rd at 10:30 am
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Any questions please call or email Dawn at 732.329.4000 x 7212 or
One last virtual tour I found enjoyable was tours of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

These homes, which are usually open for public tours, are now being shown through the eyes of a camera lens. I have been to a couple of them and what a treat this virtual tours is. Not like the real thing but really enjoyable.