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February 21 st , 2019
Dear SJE Families,

If you are a regular visitor to our office, you already know that Mrs. Mary Jo Kaminski, our school secretary, is out of the office this week. We have had a number of different helpers in our office while Mary Jo enjoys a bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation. I am so grateful to all of these fine women who have helped to keep our building running smoothly in Mary Jo’s absence. However, as anyone who has ever worked with outstanding support staff members knows, there are certain things that require Mrs. Kaminski’s magic. 

One of those things is our newsletter. Generally, I put together a simple word document containing the information that I want you to have, and then pass it along to Mary Jo, who creates the visually appealing, easy to use final product that you receive. This week, though, it’s all me. So, you are receiving just a simple word document. There is plenty of information here for you – please take time to review all of it. Next week, when our office and our newsletter are back to normal, please take a moment to say a prayer of Thanksgiving for Mary Jo and all she does for our students, teachers, and, of course, for our families.       

Mary Laidlaw Otto
Family Prayer

Gospel Reading for Sunday, February 24 th , 2019
Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

How Should I Act?

  • Have you ever been told that you sound exactly like your mother or father when you talk?
  • Is there anything that you do just like your parents?
  • How do we want other people to treat us?
  • What does it mean to love everyone? Is that easy or hard to do?

Please consider reading the upcoming Sunday gospel together as a family. The questions above are good conversation starters as you prepare your children for weekly Mass.
The Forward Assessment is Coming!
Dear SJE Families:

For the first time this year, our students in grades three through eight will be taking the Forward assessment.  The state testing window for the Forward Exam will open on Monday, March 18 th . It is our goal to complete all assessments by Holy Thursday, April 18 th .   

The Forward assessment tests all third through eighth grade students in the areas of English/Language Arts and Math. In addition, students in grades four and eight will be tested in Science and Social Studies. One or more sub-tests may be administered daily during the identified time frame and it is very important that your son or daughter be in school during this time. Students not in school on the scheduled testing days will be scheduled for a make-up test prior to the close of the testing window.

Enclosed in this week’s electronic folder is an Informational Brochure for Families which gives more information about the assessment including its purpose, what scores will be provided, and how the scores will be used.

You can also link to the brochure here:

The Forward assessment measures the knowledge and skills your student(s) should have acquired by the time they reach each grade level. Their performance on the assessment will not affect any of their current grades. Please encourage your son or daughter to take the test seriously and do the best they can. The results of these tests will be used to help school staff make adjustments to teaching and support us in efforts to differentiate instruction for our students in order to best meet their learning needs and challenge their strengths. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at 414-321-8540, or .
Growing in God’s Love,
Mary Laidlaw Otto
Box Top Contest 

Our second Box Top turn in date is March 1 st  . This date will be here before we know it!! Our second Box Top challenge is only one week long, and involves the entire school. Our Home and School is challenging our students to turn in a total of 1,000 Box Tops between today and next Friday, February 22 nd  .   

If we make our goal of 1,000 Box Tops, every student will be treated to a little bit of summer – a Popsicle treat!! 

Clean out your drawers, clip your Box Tops neatly, and bundle them in groups of 25. Send them into your child’s teacher (it doesn’t matter which child or which teacher, as this is a school-wide challenge). 

Remember, you only have one week!! All Box Tops must be turned in by Friday, February 22 nd  , in order to allow for counting and preparations for mailing.
Calling all Dads!! 

Paczkis with Pop 

Today’s electronic envelope includes an invitation to our first annual    “Paczkis with Pop”    event. Our Home and School will welcome students with their dads for an early morning breakfast treat of paczkis, juice, and coffee on Tuesday   , March 5th   , in our school cafeteria from 7:00 AM to 7:40 AM   .

Simply print out the reply from our website, complete and send it to the office. All RSVPs must be returned to the school office no later than Friday, March 1st   .     
Fuel Up to Play 60 Contest

Don't forget to enter the Family Fuel Up Contest!

All families are invited to enter.

See today's electronic flier for details.
Enrollment Update

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is well underway.  THANK YOU to all of the families who have already returned their paperwork. Families who have not yet responded are asked to complete and return paperwork for next year as soon as possible. Your quick response helps us as we plan for next year!
It took a team of students to pack all of our toiletry drive supplies into the truck. Thanks again to all who donated!
It’s always fun to host a visit from Kohl’s Wild Theater! 

This week’s “Wisconsin Wilderness” show was no exception!!
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