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Teens learning and creating
in CLOUD901.
Thanks to generous donors, MLF raised $2 million to build, equip and sustain CLOUD901. The new teen learning lab opened its doors in the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library in mid-September, 2015. The 8,300 square foot space is exclusively for teens, allowing productive time at the library, learning, creating, producing, and presenting. 

Thanks to a grant from The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis' Give 365 group, and support from Friends of the Library, a pop-up version of CLOUD901 has been created. The mobile learning unit will allow components of CLOUD901 to travel outside of the Central Library location to reach more teens!

On average, about 150 teens are engaged daily in the space. Teens are learning by staff, peers, mentors, and subject matter experts. 

Teens are learning, leading and presenting
The Velocity Leadership Team participated in the first 6-week leadership training program.
Presentation skills are encouraged in CLOUD901, and teens showcase their produced work to a live audience. The first showcase took place Dec, 2015, and another is scheduled for Saturday, March 19, 2016.

Click below to see what leaders in CLOUD901, through the Velocity Leadership Program, have recently been working on.
Memphis Public Library CLOUD901 Velocity Leadership Video

A recent CLOUD901 workshop schedule.

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