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March 2014

Congratulations Pat Nally
Down 32 lbs., 5" off his waist, and 
7% body fat in 5 weeks
Congratulations to our Inaugural
Ideal Protein Weight Loss Members 

Much research went into choosing the right weight-loss program for Wellcare's members and Ideal Protein has proven to be a winner.


In 5 weeks a group of 5 people have lost over 87 pounds, 22% body fat and over 125 inches.  I couldn't be more proud at the transformations and the positive affects we are seeing in our patients including: decreased sleep apnea, decreased body aches and pains and lowering blood pressure.  


Find out more about Ideal Protein at our newest website at www.weightlosswilmington.com or call (978) 658-7700 to reserve your spot at the next information workshop on March 19th at 7:15.
One Website Up, One Email Down

The good news:  Wellcare has an additional website to offer information to both members and non-members on our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program and upcoming workshops. Find us at www.weightlosswilmington.com


The bad news:  www.wellcare-center.com is on-line but we do not have email capabilities.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for our members. Should you wish to email us for appointments, orders or questions, please send all current email to wellcarechiro@gmail.com. Thank you.

Like Our Facebook Pages

We are hoping to get to 150 likes over the next month on our Wellcare Chiropractic Center page, as well as 100 likes our new Ideal Protein Wilmington page.  Please help us reach our goal by "liking" our pages, which keep you up-to-date on office and weight loss information.  Thank you.

Extension Exercises for Back Pain

The exercise shown below, called the MacKenzie extension exercise, can be helpful to relieve sciatic nerve tension and help stabilize back pain in between your visits.  This is a great exercise that can also be performed daily to maintain a proper lumbar curvature in the spine.  


Prone press-ups:  Lie on stomach with palms near your shoulders, as if to do a standard push-up. Slowly push your shoulders up, keeping your hips on the surface and letting your back and stomach sag.  Slowly lower your shoulders.  Repeat 10 times. 


Remember that any radiating leg pain is something that shouldn't be ignored and should be checked by your chiropractor as soon as possible.  


Lose fat; keep the muscle


Join us for our upcoming Informational workshop. Find out more about this amazing weight loss program that has people losing fat and transforming their bodies and health.


Our next information workshop will be:


 Date: Wed. 3/19/14

 Time: 7:15 - 8:15 pm


Media Segment TV Appraisal Guys Lose Weight on Ideal Protein
Media TV Appraisal Guys Lose Weight on Ideal Protein


Don't wait!  Call (978) 658-7700 to Reserve your spot today.




What is a Subluxation?


Vertebral subluxation is the term applied to a vertebra which has lost its normal position and/or motion relative to its neighboring vertebrae, generating mechanical stress. This accelerates the wear and tear on the surrounding soft tissues.  


The results of this wear and tear include pain, arthritis, and possible nerve irritation, among other things.