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Softstarter Controllers that Utilize Reliable Solid State Electronics

Solid state starting reduces the inrush currents and mechanical shock typical of conventional electromechanical motor starters, while providing silent and smooth acceleration without arcing, chattering or vibration. Wear on belts, chains, gearboxes and bearings is reduced, thus minimizing production losses and idle times.  

Our CA7 is the Most Modern and Flexible Power Contactor

A wide selection of contactors in four frame sizes covers the entire CA7 horsepower range (up to 75HP @ 460/575V). Six of the contactors are only 45mm wide, an extremely small footprint for such rugged performance. A number of design features account for this efficiency, including high contact pressure and “bouncefree” contacts, allowing the devices to handle the high starting currents typical of modern motors.

Greater Application Flexibility with CEP7 Overload Relays

The introduction of the second generation of CEP7 solid state overload relays advances Sprecher + Schuh’s leading edge technology with several improved features. This second generation of CEP7 overload relay includes features like:

  • Selectable trip class and field installable modules
  • A wider (5:1) set current adjustment range
  • More robust mechanical and electrical mounting
  • Self-sealed latching mechanism

 CEP7 Solid State Overload Relays (PDF)

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