Alumni Newsletter                              September  2016
What's Going On!

September 27
St. Andrew's Golf Classic
11:30 AM
Rhode Island Country Club

September 29
Edward C. Barrett '31 Pie Race
2:00 PM
Miller Field
September 29
Sapa Speaker Series
Managing Your Online Reputation
6:30 PM
Keats Theater

October  11
Alumni Meeting
7:00 PM
Ross Board Room

October 21-22
Homecoming Weekend
  Headmaster TInagero Chapel Talk followed by a Cocktail Party, Dinner, and Entertainment
 5:00 PM
S aturday 
Soccer Games and
Alumni Sponsored Family Fun Day
1:00 PM
Mi ller Field

Nov ember 8
Alumni Meeting
7:00 PM
Ross Board Room

Nov ember 17
Sapa Speaker Series
Holocaust Survivor
6:30 PM
Keats Theater


Meeting Alumni across the globe:
Chicago, Il
Matunuk, RI 
Alumni trip change
Join  Sue McGann,  Pam Farmer, and Mike Hart on the 
St. Andrew's School 
trip from Rome to Sicily, Italy!
This trip will sell out
 so reserve soon!

Since 1983, St. Andrew's School has been touring the globe. We had hoped to have enough folks to run a trip next summer but the timing was not right for most, so Sue McGann and Mike Hart and I are "getting the band back together".  We will be taking the students, parents, and alumni on March 10-19 to see the sites of Rome, Pompeii, Capri and Taormina (we'll even take the Godfather tour).  
If you would like to be part of this wonderful journey, follow the link below.  There are plenty of adults already signed up so come along and enjoy the wonders of Italy.

Alumni Association Offficers

President: David Coop '01
V-President: Russ Ferreira '90
Secretary: Priscilla Kooris '06 
Treasurer: David Turner '87
Class Agents
We are looking for more class agents.  Would you like to be involved? 

1952: Al McBride
1962 :  Fred Holtz
1971:  Geoff Carr
1981 :  Chris Voll
1982 :  Tony Monteleone
1984 :  Howie Cross
1987 :  Billy Jones
1988 :  Joe Seigling
1989 :  Jason Farley
1990 :  Russ Ferreira
1991: Jen Foulkes
1992 :  Mike Jackson
2002: Vicky Posner
2009: Nate  Dubuc
2015 :  Courtney Giedt &          Morgan Silva

Joe Odgubella '06, Mike Hart, John O'Shea, Emery Outland 04, Gouty Gaye '00

Beeb and Rachael Odugbella-Olamuyiwa '03

Juliamy and Abdi Lidonde '03

Manny Odugbela '08

Edward Codega '09

Anton Harden '10

Venus Wolo-Odugbella'02 and Josh Odugbella '99

Elijah Lidonde '06

Mitch Brigido '13
     Nell Guibault '04

Jane and Steve Waters and Amy and David Tinagero Headmaster

Jane and Steve Waters

Phil Morias '91 and Ron Frashure '91

Joe Farmer, Sue McGann, CJ Schofield '87, Pam Farmer,      Ed Myers '88, Greg Cooper '88,
Neil Pires '97

Emily Bell Small '88

Cian Sullivan '16

Lydia and Dipo Popoola '03

Jeoff Nathan '96, Pam Farmer, Tiffany Givens '97

Manny Odugbella '08

Bennett O'Donnell '06

Amanda Githens Brougham '00

John Geary '14

Demetrius DeJesus '01

Marcos Figueredo '99
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From the Alumni Office   
Busy summer with visitors!
Pamela Durant Farmer, Alumni Relations 
It was wonderful to have so many of you come back to campus this summer and bring your families.  I appreciate the stories you have come back to tell and the love you have for your school.  
I had the opportunity to go on vacation to Chicago and meet up with some alumni and then we had two get- togethers at Tara's Tavern in Matunuck. We will be holding one in Boston in November.  Watch for more details.  It is always great to see old friends.  

We are gearing up for our 5th St. Andrew's  Golf Classic on September 27th.  We have 3 slots for foursomes left, so call soon if you are interested.  We also have a
fantastic auction with many alumni donating some wonderful  offerings.  Thank you all!  Check it out and bid often!

I am ready to welcome you back for a visit, lunch and bell ringing.  We began ringing the Chapel Bell when I started, and it has become quite the tradition.  The current students and faculty love it and they often come around to see who is here.  So come home, we can't wait to welcome you.  
Love always, 
Alumni of the Month
Tiffany Givens '97

Photo Credit Jillian Tullgren
I came to St. Andrew's School from Portsmouth High School in 1995.  My parents felt that I needed to be in a more stable, structured environment where it was easier for me to focus on my schoolwork.  I vividly remember being upset about leaving all of my public school friends. I didn't realize, at the time, what a unique and privileged opportunity I received. A bigger public school was great for me socially,  which I believe is priority number one for most teenagers. However, looking back I can see that I was just getting lost in the crowd. I always struggled with keeping up my grades, getting focused and above all, MATH! When it was time for me to attend St. Andrew's it took me a little while to understand what a special place it was.  It took me time to get used to the fact that every teacher there was hand-picked because of their ability to see every student there as a unique, special individual and had the ability to  communicate with students from all walks of life. I was treated like a student with something to offer academically instead of just socially. I believe that the teachers took the time to get to know who I was and what my distinctive talents were, and then took that a step furthe r and helped me cultivate those specific talents. I went from an underachieving student that didn't want anything to do with school activities to a student that won the Carrie Maren Waters Prize, which is an award for an all-around involved student who participated in sports, art, and was eager to learn!

During my two years there I remember I always gravitated toward the Art Department.  It was honestly my happy place. I spent every single free period there that I could. I will never forget the seemingly endless array of high-quality art supplies and the wonderful and dedicated teachers.  All of the different projects, different mediums and the tools that we were taught to use, gave me a major advantage for my college art classes and what I do toda y. I remember having a guest artist and professor from R.I.S.D come in as a guest speaker and teacher for a day. I was so taken with her and her style of painting; I decided then and there that I would always have something to do with designing. It took me a while to figure it all out, but I started my jewelry company and named it Harrison+Pike. There is no question in my mind that St. Andrew's positively influenced the person that I am and what I do today.    

Congratulations, Tiffany on being Alumnae of the Month.  
Check out the article that the What's Up Newport wrote to honor this fabulous entrepreneur.  
We are proud of you Tiffany and happy that you are supporting St. Andrew's!  You can bid on Tiffany's designs and help your school at the same time!
Please  nominate an alumni for our next Alumni of the month.
Basketball Reunion

Very special thanks to Eric Mack '00 and Joey Accaoui '07 f or organizing this Reunion.  It was such a success!
Barrington Times August 17, 2016
More than 60 former players return to help
surprise St. Andrew's basketball coaches

Special to the Times
They may have been somewhat  suspicious, but Mike Hart and  John O'Shea both said they were  totally shocked when they entered  the Wharf Tavern in Warren Friday  night for a well-orchestrated, surprise  50th birthday party in their  honor. "I really had no idea," said Mike  Hart, who together with John  O'Shea, have coached the St.  Andrew's School boys' varsity basketball  team for many years. "This  is great and overwhelming. We've  built a family at St. Andrew's, and  it's great to see all these guys  back." As Coach Hart explained in  detail, "It was shocking! I walked  into the Wharf Tavern tonight  planning on celebrating my two year  anniversary with my wife and  ended up getting surprised by so  many former players and friends  holding a surprise 50th for both  John O'Shea and I. What a great  night! Between the former players'  stories, plus Mike Raffa and Val  Webber roasting the two of us, it  turned into a very memorable  evening. A huge thank-you to Pam  Durant Farmer for organizing the  event and getting the alumni back  to the area, and to Joey Accaoui  and Eric Mack with huge assists in  the organization." Coach Hart couldn't get over the  number (more than 60) of his former  players who returned for this  special birthday celebration.   Included was Demetris Nichols, one of St. Andrew's greatest players, who went on to star at Syracuse  University, and later played  in the NBA and in Europe. He  graduated from  St. Andrew's in  2003. "It was great playing for both  Coach Hart and Coach O'Shea," he said. "You learned so much  from both of them. I'm happy to  be here tonight." Eric Mack of Fall River, who  played point guard for St. Andrew's from 1997 to 2000, helped plan this special birthday  party with Pam Durant Farmer,  Assistant Director of Development  for Alumni Relations at St. Andrew's School. He said it was a  thrill and gratifying experience  being around Coaches Hart and  O'Shea. "I learned so much about life, as  I did about basketball," he  explained. "Coach Hart gave me a  great foundation to build on." Following the birthday party on  Friday night, the boys played a  special alumni game the following  day with Coach Hart and the  even-year grad players going  against Coach O'Shea and the  odd-year grads. In the end, the  Hart-coached team bested the  O'Shea quad, 81-65. MVP Bonzie  Colson scored 24 points for the  winners, while MVP Demetris  Nichols poured in 23 points for  the losing team. Nichols played three years in  the NBA and then overseas, after  graduating from St. Andrew's in  2003, while Colson is currently a  junior and a rising star at Notre  Dame, after going to back-to-back  NCAA Tournament  Elite 8s.
Neil MacDonald '45 came to campus for a tour and lunch.  We got to hear first hand about the history of the 40's.  So many wonderful tales.  As we approach the 125th anniversary of the school, it is so important to capture these wonderful stories and preserve them. Neil remembers chapel in the sanctuary!
  Bill Mather '58 has been busy!  He has made four plaques with the St. Andrew's Shield.  Three will hang on the walls of our campus and one could be yours!
Bill Leahy '65, his wife Susan and Roddy Jordan '63  joined Pam Farmer and Brenda Migliaccio for lunch.  Bill and Susan are living in California. Roddy is famous for organizing the "Bad Boys of the 60's" Reunions.

 James Jackson '69 came by for a basketball schedule.  He is a chef at the Convention Center and was thrilled to come back to visit. He really enjoyed looking at all of the yearbooks.  James, next time come for lunch.
Richie Lufkin '72 showed his love of country and tradition in the Bristol Fourth of July Parade.   Richie is a longtime member of the Bristol Train of Artillery 
 Ed Myers '88 is a policeman at Brown University.  He stopped by at the
get-together at Tara's Tipperary Pub.

Tony Mencarini '88 and Jahna Scherrer '88 met Pam Farmer in Chicago for a get together with their families. 
Chris Brown '88 came to campus with his wonderful daughters, Myia and Haley. He was excited to show them his old school and the girls got a big kick out of all of his stories.  Chris was one of Pam Farmer's  first 'dorm sons' of Perry Hall so it was a real trip down memory lane.  
  Laura King Feigo '99 came by campus to sign her contract as our new substitute school nurse!   She is also a level 2 ER nurse at Charlton Memorial Hospital.  It will be wonderful working along side Laura. 
Jeoffrey Nathan '96
visited campus this August.  He was in the area to sponsor the  Newport Sup Cup 2016 .  Jeoff owns Coastal Urge  with 5 stores and paddle-board rentals in North Carolina.  Stop by and tell him you are a Saint!
Gouty Gaye '00 is a client manager for Emerge American Express.  It was great to see him stop by this summer. 
Demitrus Nichols '03 is playing for Panathinaikos in Athens Greece.  He finished with a great year in Moscow and we wish him luck.  It was great to see him return to campus this summer and speak to the campers at Hoops with Hart.
Cedric Kuakumensah '12 is playing with the  Redwell Gunners  in Austria. He graduated from Brown University in May.   Cedric was selected to the All-Ivy League 2nd team in 2015 and 2016.

Aaron Brown '14  is attending Emmanuel College and living in Boston with S ebastian Sequira '15 and Luke Hedly '14.  Aaron spent the summer working for Woonsocket Parks and Rec.  He is majoring in Psychology.  He,  Luke Hedly, Hannah Bourk '15, Dyani Robles'16, Sydney Morin '16 went on a mission trip to Puerto Rico with Mr. and Mrs. Bourke.  He is now working for the Red Sox and hopes to park David Ortiz's car tomorrow!

Luke Hedly '14  is attending Wentworth Institute of Technology, and spent the summer taking classes and working for Tamer Industries.  He just finished a business trip to Mexico City as well as work at the Ford Plant in Detroit.  

 Andre Berry '14 will be playing at URI this season.  I see some alumni events coming up!

Jake Rosen '16 leads Alvernia Golf Team.
Let us know what you're doing or arrange a time to come to campus.  Email or call 1-401-246-1230 ext 3128
From the Alumni Association 
The Alumni Association had our first meeting of the year.  Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in the Ross Boardroom at 6:30 PM. 

At the  meeting on September 13, we had great participation, and we had call-ins from out of state!  We discussed the upcoming Homecoming Weekend, October 21-22.  Alumni are invited to the festivities beginning on Friday with Headmaster Tinagero's Chapel Talk, cocktail party, dinner, and entertainment.  Please call for a reservation. On Saturday, we will enjoy an afternoon of soccer games and the Alumni Association will be sponsoring a Family Fun area with a bounce house and fun family games.  Sarah and David Turner '88 are designing some special jewelry that will be for sale at this event with proceeds going toward the Saints Alumni Scholarship Fund. More info to follow.

On January 28, the association will sponsor a whiskey tasting event with heavy hors d'oeuvres.  Price for this event will be $50.  We will have an auction attached to this event that will fund the Saints Alumni Scholarship Fund.  More details to come.

In June we are planning on chartering the Riverboat at Providence Waterfire.  When the schedule comes out, we will book it.

We hope to see you at a meeting! Come and network, plan fun activities, see old friends and meet new ones.

Alumni Weddings
Congratulations, we wish you a lifetime of happiness!
Eddie Whitehead and Kristen Huesby '90
Kailee and Geoff Dias '11
 Alumni Babies
Congratulations  to all of these new parents!
Courtney Keating Edwards '97
Sophia and Patrick Han '01
Samantha Henry and Raqib Jackson '04
Ashley and Oliver Onys kow '06
Ahreum and Gin Yang '08
Making St. Andrew's extraordinary for today's students.
Support from our community ensures that today's students have the same type of transformational ex periences and quality education enjoyed by our alumni. This year we are honored to have two of our King Medalists heading up our Alumni  Giving.  We cannot thank you enough Russell Ferreira '90 KM Chair and John Chmura '98 KM for taking on this vital project!


Look how alumni giving has risen.  Our participation rate MORE THAN DOUBLED 
 last year!  Thank you! What a difference in one year.  You are wonderful!  Get ready we are gearing up for our 2017 Annual Fund Appeal.  You will be hearing from your class agents soon.