Looking Ahead... To the 2017 Holiday Initiative
I always intend to ease into fall, but fall seems to take off at high speed and yes, here we are again, planning for the 2017 Holiday Initiative! Heartfelt thanks to all of you who participated in last year’s program; the memories continue to bring a smile to my face. It was wonderful working together! As coordinator of the holiday initiative, I look forward to this year’s efforts, to working again with those of you I’ve met before and with those of you I have yet to meet. Your generosity coupled with the spirit of the season wraps our clients in care and love.

The 2017 Holiday Initiative

Goal: To provide clients at our Day Center, Night Shelter, Emergency Winter Shelter, and in our independent housing program with items and gift cards that will assist them in their journey to independent living and make life a bit easier for them during the process. Last year, we averaged 50 clients at the Day Center and 40 clients at the Emergency Winter Shelter in the winter, and we support 21 clients at the Night Shelter, 40 in apartments and 6 at Holly House.
This year, all donated items are due to the administrative offices of The Sophia Way by Monday, December 11th . If you need help with getting items to us, please call me and I will make every effort to pick them up from you. (See Pat’s contact info below.)
What to donate? Our unsheltered women have limited space – sometimes only a suitcase – to carry all of their personal belongings with them. Gift cards go a long ways to helping them get the items they need when they need them. Stores such as Target, Safeway, Fred Meyer, and fast food restaurants offer solutions to a variety of needs. Women who have transitioned this year to apartment life have different needs from those who seek shelter at the winter shelter. If you can let us know what you might be donating, we can coordinate all the efforts so that we have something for every client who requires support from TSW.
Here are some suggested items: scarves, hats, hand warmers, energy bars, Cup O’Noodles, socks, chapstick, emergency first aid packets, toiletries (sample and full sizes), small flashlights with batteries, nail clippers and files, gum, cough drops, brushes, combs, umbrellas, instant packs of hot chocolate and tea and coffee, small folding umbrellas, rolls of quarters for the laundry, loaded Orca cards, US post office forever stamps, gloves, travel size hand sanitizers, larger quantities of sanitizing wipes for clients.
Please feel free to contact me, Pat Landy, via email at pat@sophiaway.org or by phone at 206.715.7248. When unavailable, there is always staff at the offices to help, too. I am in the offices regularly on Monday afternoons  425.463.6285  .  
I know planning for the holidays begins early in the fall, so our message of thanks bears repeating throughout the season as well. We simply cannot do it with you and we appreciate your steadfast support of TSW mission and clients.
Pat Landy
Days of Caring with our Corporate Partners

Earlier this month, an amazing group of Expedia employees spent their Day of Caring at Sophia's Place, and did such an amazing job making it even more clean and beautiful! Volunteers thoroughly cleaned the sleeping rooms (including pulling out HEAVY beds and lockers to sweep and mop underneath,) painted the bathrooms and other areas that needed touching up, transported some large items to the dump, organized donations and supplies, weeded the gardens, cleaned the windows, and so much more! We are so grateful to all of the wonderful volunteers, and to Expedia for sponsoring this and many other projects in our community.

Thank you to Microsoft for making a delicious and nutritrious meal for the ladies at our Day Center! The group of volunteers supplied all the ingredients and spent their morning making sandwiches and packing lunch bags, and then came to the Day Center to serve the women. We have several more lunch packing and other projects with other Microsoft groups coming up in October for their month-long Giving Campaign. We are so lucky to have them as wonderful neighbors who really care about their community!
Welcome to Our Two New Board Members!
Angela Weber
"Think lightly of yourself & deeply of the world."

My passion for philanthropy derives from my upbringing & faith. I unequivocally believe that one person may not be able to do it all, but everyone can do something. Even when it comes to homelessness; be encouraged, not discouraged. The Sophia Way has done incredible work in our local community & I'm excited & ready to contribute to the mission. Empowered women, empower women & I will use this opportunity to do just that. I hope everyone will do their part when it comes to the matter of homelessness. My life goal is to leave people better than how I found them, whenever possible.

Love to all. 
Rachel Drake
Rachel Drake has been surrounded by community servants throughout her life. Her mom worked in community mental health during Rachel’s childhood and Rachel’s in-laws, through their church, have worked with the homeless in Seattle for many years. Inspired by these important role models, Rachel is excited to roll up her shirt sleeves and support TSW’s important mission by serving on its Board.
By day, Rachel is a corporate employment attorney for a Seattle-based corporation. She lives on Mercer Island with her husband Paul and their two daughters, Addie (11) and Elsa (8). In her free time, Rachel enjoys spending time with her family, attending her children’s many sporting events, volunteering at her daughters’ school, cooking new recipes, and training her family’s new puppy, Maggie.
The Gift of The Sophia Way
Message from Pastor Jim, St. Andrew's Lutheran Church
Thirty years ago, the faith community I serve heard and responded to the need for affordable housing. In Bellevue, the words were not unlike those we heard today that there is no affordable housing. As a result, Saint Andrew’s Housing Group was started with a $2000 commitment to begin the change to housing security.

Throughout the years, what is now Imagine Housing, has sought partnership with those who share a common goal. And that has built a strategic partnership with The Sophia Way. In so many ways, that collaboration continues in a powerful way to move from shelter to permanent housing.

I will always celebrate the wisdom of a woman, Helen Leuzzi, who one day said “We need your help.” It began simply with financial commitment, then collections of toiletries and clothes, which lead to what I call a “heart commitment.” This means solidarity in moving together with other organizations which meet the shelter need for men and families.

Each night I take out a key and enter our home. A warm and safe shelter for our family. Think about that for a moment. A key! Which means access!

I celebrate the work of The Sophia Way. A foundation to the work we do to end homelessness. No greater love is found than collaboration with the other human services organizations to be “the key” to new beginnings.

Once in time, a woman living out of domestic abuse found her way to The Sophia Way. A year or so later, at the opening of Francis Village, in Kirkland, she found a man with a clerical collar. “Thank you,” she said, “I now have a true home.”

Blessed work we share!

The Reverend James McEachran
Senior Pastor --- Saint Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Bellevue, WA

Partnership with Chico's
Thank you to Chico's in Bellevue Square Mall for holding a donation drive for us! The following was written by Jordan, a Chico's employee, about the importance of the work we do:

When I think of the Sophia Way the word hope comes to my mind. Touring the shelter and seeing what this organization does for women experiencing homelessness is so humbling, you realize that life can change in the blink of an eye. I have a special place in my heart for The Sophia Way because I myself had to look to them for help at one point. If it wasn't for an angel disguised as one of my coworkers I would have ended up at Sophia Way's 21 bed program. This program houses 21 residents in the shelter for six months helping women get back on their feet and regain confidence; they also have the day program where they welcome people who may not  have a place to go in the morning. It is there that they can eat breakfast, take a nap, have a shower, basic things in life that should be guaranteed for everyone. The sad reality is that those things are not guaranteed for anyone.

Chico's in Bellevue was inspired to partner with The Sophia way because our goal is to uplift women every day when we walk into work.  With our mission being to make our customers feel confident and beautiful, we want to make sure that everyone can experience that as well. Homelessness does not discriminate, it can pick anyone, and being in Bellevue you wouldn't think that is possible but it happens so often especially to women and they need our help. This organization is so incredible for the work that they do, you can feel the sense of community and peace of mind just from walking through the hallways. Seeing the beds that they provide, the welcome basket that they have prepared with linens and toiletries and a quilted blanket that residents get to call their own, the shelter really tries to make it feel like home given the circumstances. We are very proud to be involved in their cause for giving back and giving hope. 
Summer Reading Challenge
We did it! Our Summer Reading Challenge is officially over and we exceeded our goal.

As a reminder, our goal was to read 25 books in 50 days. As a Night Shelter team, we ended up reading 28 books! Just a few of the amazing books we read included: a book by a female author, a book that became a film, a mystery, a science fiction novel, and a book basked on a true story.

To celebrate our accomplishment, we had a nice big ice cream party and a bookmark craft event. Check out some of the bookmarks we made! 
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