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User of the Month - Joe Davies, Onsite Innovations
This month we interviewed Joe Davies and Scott Goren of Onsite Innovations. Their company puts occupational health clinics onsite at large corporations and they are avid SportsWareOnline users. 

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Use Data to Take Action in 2017

Just like any industry, sports medicine is starting to become more and more data-driven. But it's a lot more than just data, it's what you DO with that data. Data alone isn't understanding and actionable. SportsWareOnLine uses data to help you take action and make informed decisions.

Our program's ro bust reporting capabilities offer over 130 standard reports and the ability to customize even more. Customers tell us all the time how important reporting is when it comes to validating their decisions and services. Here are just a few examples of how  customers are using SportsWare reporting: 

  • Identify problems on the field - if there is a high number of a particular injury on the field, it could be an indication that the terrain needs to be repaired.  

  • Validate the need for another ATC - have an overwhelming amount of treatments and injuries? More than you and your staff can adequately handle? Reporting on the ratio of injuries and treatments to ATC's can help support the case to add additional staff.

  • Show cost savings to parents and administrators - a quick report of treatments can show just how valuable your services are from a financial perspective. Can you imagine what all those treatments would cost at an outside clinic or hospital!?

  • Support the need for new equipment - is there a piece of equipment that is on its last leg because it was used a million times last year? Use SportsWareOnLine's reporting to make your case for the purchase of a new one.

  • Track your equipment - do you have trouble keeping track of your equipment? Use the outstanding report to find out which equipment has been borrowed, the athlete who is using it, and injury information. 

To learn more about SportWareOnLine's reporting capability or try it out for yourself with a free 60-day trial, send us an email or call 800-359-6851.

2017 Tradeshows
We are already busy planning for our 2017 trade shows and conferences. If you will be attending any of these events, be sure to find us. Stop by to say hello and grab an ATC Euro sticker. 

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