What We Heard & What's Next
Looking Ahead to 2019
Earlier this year we asked about the issues affecting you, your community, and California at large. We wanted to better understand the changes you want to see and how we should work together to make those changes a reality.

Through site visits, engagement sessions, focus groups, one-on-one discussions, and an online survey, you shared your thoughts and experiences. We listened. We are grateful for your insights.

Now we translate what we learned into action. We look forward to working alongside you in 2019.

Learn more about what we heard and what's next. PDF

Questions? Contact Tia Shimada tia@cfpa.net.
Looking Ahead: 2019 State Policy Priorities
To ward a Vision of Food for All Californians 
We are looking forward to 2019! With a new Governor and many new state legislators, we see great opportunity. We can build upon community partnerships to end hunger and improve access to good, affordable food.

It's the time to put California values into action.

We can lead with a resilience that's built upon our many strengths. Ensuring equitable access to healthy food for all Californians would go a long way.

Regardless of income, race, or community, we all need food that allows us to grow, thrive, and age with health and dignity. Together, we can make California hunger-free. 

We look forward to working with you in 2019 to advance state policy that helps fulfill the vision of good food for all. PDF

Questions? Contact Tracey Patterson at tracey@cfpa.net

Thank You for Taking Action to #ProtectFamilies
Next Steps in the Fight to Stop Public Charge

Thank you for being part of the movement to #ProtectFamilies.
Thanks to the dedication of advocates all across the country,
regulations.gov received over 216,000 comments on the proposed public charge rule--far exceeding the original goal of 100,000! 

This accomplishment is a testament to the power of collaboration across movements. Whether motivated by a passion for ending hunger, improving health, or building a more just immigration system-we all came together to fight public charge.

As we enter this next phase, let's channel the collective power built during the comment period to realize our shared vision of a California where everyone has what they need to thrive.

What Happens Next?
Now the Department of Homeland Security must consider every unique comment submitted. This process usually takes at least six months to a year, although it is difficult to predict how this Administration will proceed. In any case, the campaign to protect immigrant families continues.    

  • Blocking Proposed Changes to Public Charge  
    CFPA and our partners will be actively engaged in ways to block any public charge rule changes. Recently, Assemblymember Bonta introduced a concurrent resolution condemning the proposed rule. If your representative has signed on as a co-author-- please thank them! If you don't see them listed, please urge them to sign on.  
  • Combating the Chilling Effect
    CFPA is proud to be working with the California Immigrant Policy Center, the Department of Social Services, and other stakeholders to address barriers immigrants face in accessing food. The
    Food for All workgroup will continue convening stakeholders to assess challenges and collaborate on solutions. 
  • Building a Pro-immigrant Policy Agenda
    We can  counter the Trump administration's anti-immigrant rhetoric by building a statewide policy agenda that is inclusive of immigrant Californians' needs. This would include fighting for Health for All and Food for All Californians.

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