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Vintage Ice Skating at North Park

The Allegheny County Parks Foundation
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The Allegheny County Parks Foundation completed important projects in 2015 that increased our parks' safety, accessibility and sustainability. Take pride in your role in this list of accomplishments:
North Park
Improvements were made to the Ingomar Road section of the popular Lake Trail to increase the safety around the shoulder of the heavily traveled roadway. In a separate project, a path was constructed along the lake shore, anchored at the Babcock Boulevard and Ingomar Road "Gateway" that included the restoration of the Babblebrook picnic shelter. An accessible path to the lake was also added from the shelter for fishing and to a rain garden planted with native species.
South Park
The recreational ball fields, football field and track at the Fairgrounds Oval were restored in 2015, and the deteriorated bleachers were replaced. New native plantings were added on the slopes of the oval, greatly enhancing the attractiveness of this setting.
Boyce Park
Partnering with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, the Parks Foundation produced an Ecological Assessment and Action Plan that surveyed and analyzed ecological conditions in Boyce Park and made strategic recommendations for best management approaches and improvement projects. First up is the planting in 2016 of 100 new landscape trees in the park! This collaborative effort is expected to serve as a template for similar projects in the other eight County parks.
Round Hill Park
Two attractive permanent metal shade structures were installed this spring at the Round Hill Park playground and spray park that provided much-needed relief from the hot summer sun for children and their caregivers. And before the year is out, eight benches and five trash receptacles will also be installed.
Settlers Cabin Park
This year saw the completion of the first phase of a trail project that connects Settler's Cabin Park in the western section of the county to the Panhandle Trail spur of the Montour Trail. The Montour Trail is a rail-trail that extends from Coraopolis to Clairton and joins the Great Allegheny Passage trail from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC.

Looking ahead to 2016.....
The Allegheny County Parks Foundation has launched an ambitious Chimney Swift Habitat Project, in conjunction with the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, for all nine Allegheny County Parks.This is the largest habitat restoration project for these birds in the country. Look for more information in our next newsletter!
Great regions need great parks. And great parks need supporters - like you - who believe in our mission to restore, improve and preserve open spaces.    The Allegheny County Parks Foundation looks forward to your partnership as we pursue this mission- and more projects - in 2016. 


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Executive Director Caren Glotfelty speaks with Comcast news anchor Tonia Caruso about several of the improvements the Allegheny County Parks Foundation accomplished in 2015 and previewed ambitious projects for the parks in 2016.  Comcast subscribers can watch this segment soon by selecting it On Demand.

The mission of the Allegheny County Parks Foundation is to help improve, conserve, maintain, protect, preserve and restore Allegheny County park facilities and open spaces, and also to support educational, recreational, natural and cultural activities. The foundation assists in the transformation of the nine Allegheny County parks by assembling resources, improving assets, and mobilizing public and private stakeholders to advance strategies and aspirations to make parks signature assets of Southwestern Pennsylvania. 


James Mitnick - Chair
Ellen Still Brooks - Vice Chair
Rick Rose - Treasurer
Sally McCrady - Secretary
Tom Armstrong
Chester R. Babst, III
Bill Bates
Carol R. Brown 
G. Reynolds Clark
Karen Wolk Feinstein
Pat Getty
Nancy Knauss
John Mascaro, Jr.
Daniel A. Onorato
John Surma
The Honorable Rich Fitzgerald - Ex Officio
The Honorable John DeFazio - Ex Officio
William McKain - Ex Officio
Stephen Shanley - Ex Officio
Andy Baechle - Ex Officio
Caren Glotfelty, Executive Director  - Ex Officio  

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