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April 4th 2020
Dear Families,

As we prepare to return from spring break and continue our remote learning, I want to thank all of our staff, students, and families for adapting to this change so rapidly. When we first heard the Governor's order to learn remotely for three weeks, it felt like a sprint that we could push through and then get back to normal. Now we are in a marathon. I am proud of our DACC family for coming together to make this work and I am thankful for all of you.
As we heard earlier this week, Governor DeWine announced that the Executive Order requiring remote learning has been extended through May 1st, 2020. I am sure this raises as many questions for you as it does for all of us at DACC. I want to take a moment to answer a few of the questions I've heard from you.
Some of our programs require that students log a certain amount of hands-on hours in order to earn their certification. There are a couple of things happening in this area. First of all, the state agencies that award those certifications are working to adapt their processes to meet current needs while still maintaining the high standards required to earn those credentials. Also, recent legislation permits students to come back to high school, after graduation, to finish up course work such as this.  No matter what happens, it is our intent to provide our students the chance to finish their hours and earn their certification. Not knowing when schools will be permitted to return, I am hopeful that it will be offered as soon as possible upon return. More information will be provided as we have it.
An important milestone in our students' high school experience and one we always look forward to is the DACC Completion Ceremony. While we do not have concrete answers yet about this event, I want you to know that it is a daily conversation among our leadership team. We remain hopeful that we will not have to cancel this event and we are staying in constant communication with the venue, Mershon Auditorium. Although all other events at DACC have been canceled through May, we will hold off making any decisions related to the scheduling of a ceremony until we have more information. We will continue to wait and see what happens. I will share more with you as soon as I have an answer.
We want to provide the best online experience possible for students; therefore, a slight change is being made to our weekly instructional schedule.  Mondays will become a day for students to work on projects and assignments without any requirement to check-in online. Our teachers will use this day for planning meaningful remote assignments and participate in professional development related to best practices in delivering instruction in an online setting. 
I hope you were all able to rest and take time for yourselves and your family over the spring break. Know that we are here for you and working diligently to continue providing a high-quality education and experience for your child.

Best Regards,
Mary Beth Freeman
Delaware Area Career Center
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