Saturday, September 11, 2021
A group taking an Industrial Tour of the Carrie Blast Furnaces, spring 2021.
An Iconic Symbol

It's seems a bit fitting that the message we have to share today is about honoring the past while finding a way forward. Twenty years ago, a generation of Americans encountered tragedy and loss in a way that they hadn't experienced in their lifetimes. It was a pivotal moment for our culture—one that we remember, honor, and consider today.

Nearly twenty years before that, a generation of Pittsburghers also experienced loss, albeit from a different source, in a way that fundamentally changed their lives—the collapse of the steel industry. It was this struggle to accept change, honor the past, and define a future course that brought Rivers of Steel into existence.

For many, the Carrie Blast Furnaces became an iconic symbol of our region's steelmaking legacy. For some, it was a reminder of what was lost. For others—including our founders—it represented a connection with the past that would one day move the region forward. With the recent announcement of a plan to redevelop the land surrounding this National Historic Landmark, that day is on the horizon.

We welcome you to read a reflection from Augie Carlino, Rivers of Steel's president and CEO, who has helped shape the story of the Carrie Blast Furnaces.

The programs we are highlighting today resonate with these sentiments. Intro to Iron Casting honors our region's past while creating something new, while the Carrie Carpool Cinema embraces our region's legacy of innovative reuse. For their part, the artists of Alloy Pittsburgh share their own reflections, presenting artworks that offer ways to come to terms with the struggles of the past while celebrating the people in our region today.
Saving the Carrie Blast Furnaces and Envisioning Tomorrow
Recently Allegheny County and the Regional Industrial Development Corporation announced that they have entered into a partnership to redevelop the Carrie Furnace site. In this piece, Rivers of Steel’s President and CEO August Carlino reflected on our organization’s role in the process—historically, presently, and in the future.
Detail of Legacy by Sandy Kessler Kaminski from Alloy Pittsburgh 2021.
Alloy Pittsburgh: Process & Product
In July, we previewed three of the six artists participating in Alloy Pittsburgh. Now we are taking a look at the work of the other three—Jan Loney, Sandy Kessler Kaminski, and Darnell Chambers.
Rivers of Steel's metal arts crew and workshop attendees participate in an iron pour at the Carrie Blast Furnaces.
Metal Arts Workshop—Intro to Iron Casting
September 16 – 18, 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Work with experienced Rivers of Steel teaching artists to learn the basics of foundry work, including pattern and mold making. It's a step-by-step overview of the iron casting process!

This is a three-day workshop that includes a supply of materials.
Carrie Carpool Cinema—Family Night Double Feature
September 24, 6:15 – 11:15 p.m.
Experience a drive-in like no other—with the Carrie Blast Furnaces as your backdrop, the stage is set for family fun!

Bonus! Double Feature Friday! Enter the exquisitely animated worlds of Coraline and Mr. Fox and follow along their journeys as they try to make things right. Additional animated shorts will be screened before the feature films.
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