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Bringing The Grotto to You
Day 85: Circles
Circles and Cycles

Whether it is measuring time on a clock or the seasons of the year, circles and cycles provide rhythm and order to our time and our daily life.

The Church year follows a cycle as well. The colors of vestments and selection of readings surround us with images of a particular season, such as Advent, Lent, or Easter. Even though these seasons come along every year, we are different people than we were the year before, or 10 years before.

God’s life within us calls each child of God to grow, to change and to receive God’s word today.

God’s word is eternal and everlasting.

Below: Lamb mosaic on the altar in the Chapel of Mary.
Circles are Never-Ending

Circles are an image that speaks to something eternal - never-ending. As it is said of the wedding ring: A circle has no beginning and no end. A marriage in God - who has no beginning and no end - are meant to last forever. The ring is a symbol of the covenant between spouses and God.

Below: Door to the Chapel of Mary
Circle of Friends

We are so grateful for the circle of friends who have stuck with us through the pandemic.

We hope to see you all at The Grotto very soon. We need you now more than ever.
Your Love Encircles Me

Gracious God,

Your love encircles me.

I sometimes feel like a child wrapped in a warm blanket; you surround me with the beauty of your creation.

You provide a circle of friends and family that support and challenge me.

When I close my eyes I even see those beloved family members who have gone before me, as well as other holy men and women at my shoulders echoing your loving presence to the whole world.

May my words and actions reflect your never-ending love and mercy.

Teach me your ways - the way of patience, mercy, generosity and unbounded love.

I ask this through Jesus our Lord and Brother.

Circles at The Grotto

We hope you enjoy these photos of the many circles at The Grotto.
The Servite Crest

The Grotto is a ministry of the Servite Friars, Order of Servants of Mary.

The Servite Crest can be found on the Chapel of Mary, the base of the Statue of Mary, the Monastery of Our Lady of Sorrows, and in The Grotto Plaza.

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The Mysteries of the Rosary

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