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Day 86: Whatever the Weather
Whether the Weather ...

Whether the weather is sunny and dry, cool and misty, pouring with rain, or sparkling in the snow, The Grotto remains a peaceful sanctuary in all conditions.

Thank you, Tess Eusebio, for sharing the photo above.
No Matter the Weather You Accompany Me

Gracious and Eternal God,

You have created this beautiful world.

Every minute of every day you nurture the earth and tend to the needs of your people.

The warmth of the sun, a gentle breeze, a sudden down pour - all are your gifts.

Help me be mindful that no matter the weather you accompany me.

When the storms of life sneak up, help me cherish the gift of faith and my friends and family.

Help me to be a better steward of the people and the world around me.

No matter the weather may my heart be honest, and open, ready to share your generous mercy and love.

I ask this in union with Jesus and the Holy Spirit - One God forever and ever.

Rainy Days at The Grotto

Some of the most peaceful days at The Grotto are rainy days.
There are fewer visitors on rainy days ... sometimes you can feel that the sanctuary is there just for you.
The sound of the rain dripping off the branches of the tall trees is truly relaxing.
Rain at the Christmas Festival of Lights makes for some wonderful photographs.
Misty Days

If you time in right, a stroll though the gardens in the fog and mist is really something special.
These days provide great opportunities for some really wonderful photography.
Somehow everything feels quieter on a misty day.
Sunny Days

It's hard to beat a day of blue sky and sunshine in Portland.
The rays of sun beaming through the trees are glorious.
In the hot days of summer, The Grotto is one of the coolest places in town. The combination of the east winds and the canopy of the tall trees create a pleasant environment for a summer stroll.
Snowy Days

As they are fairly rare in Portland, snow days are really something special.
If the roads in the area surrounding The Grotto are safe to drive, we will open our grounds.
We will always post information about closures on our website at thegrotto.org.
If we have to close due to snow, we will try and send some photos of what it looks like, often taken by the Servite Friars, who reside in the Monastery of Our Lady of Sorrows at The Grotto.
As it is uncommon to see, here are a few more photos of The Grotto in the snow.
The Grotto
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