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November/December 2021 | Issue No. 22
This Issue National Mentoring Month Again • Videos • Disabilities
From the Editor

Reminders Send your "awareness (not lobbying) letters" to your Oklahoma mayor and Congressional leaders by mid-January and your Oklahoma State Legislators before February 1. Happy holidays!
National Mentoring Month - January 2022
Why should Oklahomans promote mentoring? Ubiquity of voice has power.
Awareness • Recognition • Recruiting • Fundraising
Two Specialized Mentoring Models
Educational Guardian Ad Litem Program, Oklahoma Lawyers for Children, Oklahoma County

Scott P. Kaufman
Educational GAL & Mentoring Director  
Thunderbird Challenge Program, National Guard Program,
Pryor Creek

Wendi Spurlock
Mentoring & Post Residential Department
National Disability Mentoring Certification Course

Course Description

January 31, 2022

Enrollment Deadline
Adapted Graphic: MENTOR
December is MENTOR's Disability Mentoring Month Campaign, but serving Oklahomans with invisible and visible disabilities does not end.
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