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January 2019
Dear SML alumni and friends,

It was a happy thought to bring. To the dark season’s frost and rime. This painted memory of spring, this dream of summer-time .” – John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892), member of the Appledore Art Colony and renowned American Poet.
One of the great pleasures of working at Shoals Marine Laboratory is that the vibrancy of summer is never far from my mind, even in the quiet slumber of New England winter. Over the weekend, I spoke to a big crowd at the Kittery Maine Environmental Film Festival. I shared SML research that focuses on the impacts of ocean plastic pollution on marine wildlife. Did you know that scientists estimate by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean? I invite you to ponder what change could you make today to reduce the amount of plastic you use. Click here to get ideas and remember: reduce, reuse, and recycle!
We are quite busy in the SML office right now getting ready for summer 2019: innovative new courses (see below), fascinating internships, and exciting outreach programs are all in the works. YOU make this possible through your annual financial support. Your generosity and support is what inspires and enables SML staff and faculty to work hard year round to make SML programs engaging and pioneering. You are the reason SML can provide outstanding experiential, place-based education and support innovative research programs focused on understanding and sustaining the marine environment. On behalf of the SML staff, faculty and students, thank you for your contributions to our annual fund. If you would like offer your support, please click here .
With deep appreciation and warm wishes,
Jennifer Seavey, Ph.D.
Kingsbury Executive Director
Shoals Marine Laboratory
Calling all Seacoast folks - We need your help!
Shoals Marine Laboratory hires many fabulous seasonal staff to keep our programs humming each summer. We love to be able to provide off-island housing for our staff so that they can refresh and reset themselves on their days off (and get their laundry done). We are currently looking for a ~2 bedroom living space to rent near downtown Portsmouth (we are flexible) from May to October of 2019. Please contact Jennifer if you have any ideas. Thanks for your help!
New Courses for 2019!
May 27-June 10

One of the challenges scientists face in this world is sharing their research results with the public, who may not have the background needed to understand the value. Applied Science Communication aims to teach students how to effectively communicate with both scientific and non-scientific audiences.
July 15-July 29

Integrated ecosystem management is a holistic management approach in modern practice and is becoming the standard for how we manage natural resources. Take an eagle-eye view at the Gulf of Maine's ecosystem and consider how humans are both part of and have significant influences on this marine environment!
Now Accepting Applications!
SML's research internship program is now accepting applications for the 2019 season! We are looking for students across a wide spectrum of experience, from engineers to ornithologists to communications students! Internships include:

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Intertidal Ecology
  • Gull Population Biology
  • Marine Mammal Biology
  • Parasite Ecology
  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Sustainability Communications

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, or if you know a student who would thrive as an intern on Appledore Island, visit our internship page for more information and to apply. Applications for all internships are due March 1!
Have questions about our research internships? Reach out to us at, or our Associate Director Dr. Dave Buck at
Residencies in the Arts and Sciences

Artists in Residence are ambassadors of art in the world of science. Living on Appledore for 2 weeks, AIR participants receive free room and board and the opportunity to work on their artwork in exchange for teaching undergraduates how to hone their observational skills from a completely new point of view. Check out our AIR page to find out more about application requirements! (Application deadline April 1, 2019)

( Pictured above: students trying out techniques taught to them by the AIR; photo credit Dr. Jan Factor. )

The Scientist in Residence Fellowship supports two early-career/postdoctoral scientists to conduct their own research on Appledore Island for the entire summer. SIRFs receive room and board, a generous stipend, and research funds. Additionally, SIRFs join a team of mentors supporting SML's research interns.(Application deadline February 15, 2019)

( Pictured above: Dr. Louise Roberts and Dr. Gemma Clucas, 2018 SIRFs; photo credit Jim Coyer .)
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